Sergio Aguero suffers shoulder dislocation; footballing return delayed

Sergio Aguero suffers shoulder dislocation; footballing return delayed

Sergio Aguero has suffered a shoulder dislocation during a friendly while celebrating Atletico Independiente’s 120th anniversary. The Argentine played just 11 minutes but is eyeing a return to the pitch.

The 35-year-old fell to the ground and needed medical attention as he was in a lot of pain. The striker, who was forced to retire, was taken off just early in the game but was still thinking of making his return to the game. 

Speaking to TNT Sports on Saturday, Aguero stated that he was undergoing medical examinations. He added that he was playing small tournaments to see how things go.

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He said:

“Two days ago I did another study and everything went very well. Now I’m going to Madrid because I have a tournament, and then to Mexico and the United States for other tournaments. And now I’ll see how I am. One never knows but the excitement and the desire is always to return. I don’t want to excite people in that sense. The first thing I want is to be well. The desire is always there, I understand that they are excited and I am too, but I don’t want to excite people.”

Earlier this year, Sergio Aguero confirmed that he was training to make his comeback. He admitted that he was taking things one game at a time.

Can Sergio Aguero make a comeback?

A cardiologist spoke to Mundo Deportivo earlier this month and admitted that there were chances of Sergio Aguero making a comeback to the pitch. He added that things are looking positive for the forward and said:

“The way things are going so far, you won’t have any problem playing at some point. Logically we have to do the tests and make you run as if it were a game. And it’s true, when you have the two central defenders… you have to make a fake or something like that, you have to be well prepared. So I would say… get ready, there is some hope.”

He added:

“We can say that you’re doing very well and that you have to get in good enough shape to be there for a few minutes. But I see you looking good, you’re doing everything and you didn’t have anything [problem]. We’re going to monitor you a little bit more. In short… It’s possible, yes it’s possible. You are doing very well.”

Sergio Aguero has not played professional football since his Barcelona days.