The 10 Best Football Anthems In The World-Ranked

The 10 Best Football Anthems In The World-Ranked

There’s no better feeling than entering a stadium filled with thunderous fans, chanting on their club’s anthem in the face of adversity. Here’s a list of the 10 best football anthems!

The 10 Best Football Anthems:

Anthems evoke the strongest of emotions as players gear up to take the field in important matches. Backed by an entire stadium chanting the club’s invigorating anthem, players go on to etch their names in history books as they create iconic moments. Anthems help fans further bond with the players and remind all of their love for the club.

From the depths of division football to the highs of top division football, many clubs have unforgettable tales related to their club songs which were sung long into the night after achieving glory. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 best football anthems!

10.)Manchester United (Glory Glory Man United)

The last few years haven’t been the greatest years for Man United, but the loyalists of the club continue showing up every week and sing their hearts out as they bond over the club’s iconic anthem ‘Glory Glory Man United’. The anthem is blasted proudly every home game at Old Trafford as United take the pitch. The anthem’s cultural importance isn’t limited only to United, but is also deeply rooted in the identity of English football, making the song one of the best anthems in football. 

9.) Bayern Munich (Stern des Südens)

A tad off beat, the historic German club’s anthem ‘Stern des Sudens’ resonates with the youngest fan to the oldest fan in the Allianz Arena stadium of Bayern Munich. The song written by German songwriter Willy Astor has always evoked the strongest of emotions as the players take the pitch and has been an important part of historic nights in the club’s history. 

Fans sing the club anthem long into the night and even dance together chanting the anthem even in the hardest moments for the club making it one of the best football anthems. 

8.) Atletico Madrid (Himno Atletico de Madrid)

Atletico Madrid may not be as successful as their city rivals, Real Madrid, but the club’s ‘Himno Atletico de Madrid’ is definitely one of the best football anthems in the world. Diego Simeone completely transformed the side when he took over as manager a decade ago and today any big UCL night in the Atletico stadium is a nightmare for traveling fans as fans of the Los Colchoneros sing Himno Atletico de Madrid long into the night. 

7.) Manchester City (Blue Moon)

Manchester City’s love affair with the song Blue Moon can be traced back to 1935. Since then, the club’s fans have adopted the song and sing it at every single game as they proudly embrace one of the world’s best football anthems. The club anthem is an important identity of the club and was sung long into the night as the club won their first UEFA Champions League last campaign. 

6.)  Galatasaray (Galatasaray Masi)

Speaking of football royalty and iconic club anthems, it’s hard to forget the sensational club anthem of Galatasaray. The anthem and the fans singing the song loud before kick-off certainly make the stadium a nightmare for traveling sides, making the anthem one of the best football anthems.

5.) AS Roma (Roma, Roma, Roma)

Perhaps one of the most moving club anthems ever designed, AS Roma’s ‘Roma, Roma, Roma’ has on several occasions brought tears to the eyes of players as fans alike as the warriors from Rome take the pitch. The crowd comes together and sings their hearts out as the club takes on opposition. Many also consider the iconic club anthem to be one of the major reasons for Roma’s iconic comeback against Barcelona a few seasons ago in the UCL. Defintely one of the best football anthems, ever.

4.) Juventus (Storia Di Un Grande Amore)

One of the grandest football clubs in Europe, it’s no surprise Juventus has one of the best club anthems in club football. Despite struggling in recent seasons, fans continue to belt out Storia Di Un Grande Amore in the loudest voice, making their presence always felt in the stadium. No team fancies facing Juventus away from home as fans make the environment as hostile as possible.

3.) Real Madrid ( Hala Madrid y Nada mas)

It’s impossible to make a list of the best football anthems on planet earth without Real Madrid’s ‘Hala Madrid’ not making the list. The world’s most successful club is drenched in history and every aspect of the club’s anthem highlights the club’s royalty in European football.

The song unites all Madridistas across the world and is definitely one of the best football anthems in the world. 

2.) FC Barcelona (Cant del Barca)

The official anthem of La Blaugrana, Cant del Barca is not only one of the best anthems in football, but also one of the most iconic anthems to exist. The Catalan’s have bonded for decades using FC Barcelona’s anthem and continue to do so even in the face of adversity. Always and forever one of the most iconic songs to exist.

Liverpool (You’ll Never Walk Alone)

Through thick and thin, You’ll Never Walk Alone has been sung long into several iconic nights at Anfield. The unmatched vibe of the fans and the sheer energy the club anthem is sung by loyalists of the Kop make it a breathtaking experience. The invigorating club anthem of Liverpool is surely one of the best anthems in the realm of football. 

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