Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves

Top 10 Goalkeepers With The Most Penalty Saves

    Without question one of the most crucial positions on a football ground is goalkeeping. A team’s success or failure can often be determined by the vital saves made by their custodian. Thus, in this article, we will rank the Top 10 Goalkeepers with most Penalty Saves.

    What Can Make a Goalkeeper a Hero?

    Who wouldn’t like the suspense of a close call when watching a game? In a football game penalties present one of the most intense sensations because the chances of scoring from a penalty kick are only fifty percent. Is it not fascinating?

    A goalie can become an instant hero in the game with a successful save but being a club or national hero comes with saving several penalty kicks.

    Samir Handanovic of Inter Milan is the most accomplished custodian in history when it comes to preventing penalties; over his career, he has saved 38 of them.

    The former Juventus and Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon has stopped thirty penalties and so he is ranked 2nd in the list. The goalie is 43 years old and is still competing at the highest level and is presently playing for Parma, the team from his youth.

    Notable goalkeepers with the most saves in the twenty-first century include Buffon, Petr Cech, and Iker Casillas.

    In the vast history of Football, here is a list of the best ten penalty savers ever:

    Top 10 Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves

    10. Frank Rost – 20 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Frank Rost (Getty Images)

    Frank Rost, also referred to as “The Bremen Wall,” was an extraordinarily dependable and unwavering goalie. Strikers in the Bundesliga frequently dreamed of overcoming this strong barrier and scoring goals.

    Over the course of his career, The Bremen Wall successfully avoided 20 penalties, demonstrating his extraordinary abilities and steely nerves.

    9. Benoit Costil – 20 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Benoit Costil (Getty Images)

    Despite not being widely recognized, Costil has proven himself as a penalty-saving master with 20 saves to his name. Currently active with Serie A side Salernitana, he continues to hone his skills in goal.

    8. Petr Cech – 21 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Petr Cech (Getty Images)

    A legendary figure in the goalkeeping realm, Cech boasts numerous records, including 21 penalty saves throughout his illustrious career. His remarkable consistency and shot-stopping abilities made him a force to be reckoned with.

    7. Mickael Landreau – 21 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Mickael Landreau (Getty Images)

    Sharing a similar record with Cech, Landreau solidified his reputation as a penalty-saving expert with 21 saves. His composure and agility between the posts earned him acclaim throughout his career.

    6. Manuel Neuer – 22 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Manuel Neuer (Getty Images)

    Renowned for his innovative style and shot-stopping prowess, Neuer boasts 22 penalty saves, showcasing his excellence in traditional goalkeeping aspects as well. His performances have earned him recognition among the top goalkeepers globally.

    5. Iker Casillas – 23 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Iker Casillas (Getty Images)

    Drawing inspiration from legends like Luis Arconada, Casillas displayed remarkable composure and skill, saving 23 penalties throughout his illustrious career. Fondly known as San Iker, he remains a revered figure in the goalkeeping fraternity.

    4. Andrea Consigli – 25 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Andrea Consigli (Getty Images)

    Despite being underrated, Consigli’s exceptional goalkeeping skills earned him fame, particularly in one-on-one situations and penalty stops. He amassed an impressive total of 25 penalty saves, showcasing his reliability in crucial moments.

    3. Diego Alves – 28 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Diego Alves (Getty Images)

    Securing the third spot on the list, Alves demonstrated his prowess in penalty saves with a total of 28 saves. His ability to outshine formidable opponents in penalty shootouts earned him a well-deserved place among the top penalty savers.

    2. Gianluigi Buffon – 30 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Gianluigi Buffon (Getty Images)

    With an astounding record of 30 penalty saves, Buffon’s remarkable longevity and adaptability ensured his place among the top goalkeepers of the 21st century. His achievements and contributions to the game are widely celebrated.

    1. Samir Handanovic – 38 saves

    Goalkeepers With Most Penalty Saves
    Samir Handanovic (Getty Images)

    Topping the list, Handanovic’s remarkable track record of 38 penalty saves highlights his extraordinary abilities in goal. His consistent presence and leadership have made him a revered figure in Serie A, setting him apart as one of the greatest penalty savers in football history.

    Sami Handanovic38Domzale, Zagorje, Udinese, Treviso, Rimini, Inter Milan2003 – present
    Gianluigi Buffon30Parma, Juventus, PSG1995 – present
    Diego Alves28Atletico Mineiro, Almeria, Valencia, Flamengo2004 – present
    Andrea Consigli25Atalanta, Sambenedettese, Rimini, Sassuolo2006 – present
    Iker Casillas23Real Madrid, FC Porto1999 – 2020
    Manuel Neuer22Schalke, Bayern Munich2006 – present
    Mickaël Landreau21Nantes, PSG, Lille, Bastia1996 – 2014
    Petr Cech21Chmel Blšany, Sparta Prague, Rennes, Chelsea, Arsenal1999 – 2019
    Benoit Costil20Caen, Vannes, Sedan, Rennes, Bordeaux2005 – present
    Frank Rost20Werder Bremen, Schalke, Hamburger SV, New York Red Bulls1992 – 2011
    Top 10 Goalkeepers With The Most Penalty Saves

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