Top 10 fastest shots recorded in football history

Top 10 fastest shots recorded in football history

Shooting techniques are very important in order to have multiple ways of striking the ball in order to ensure one achieves what they set out to do. Kicks for passes, scoring, crossing and even playing long balls are different, with each requiring a different approach.

Players over the years have used various methods to beat goalkeepers, but when they use sheer power and pace on the ball, it produces some eye-catching results, and some of the fastest shots.

To a normal viewer, these spectacle of genius by players make for a memorable viewing moment, while also leaving opponents perplexed. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 fastest shots recorded.

10. Obafemi Martins | Newcastle United | 135km/h

Obafemi Martins was one of the most exciting talents to come out of Nigeria and had a penchant for scoring some memorable goals throughout his career. He was blessed with pace, power, agility and flair, all of which he used to better his game and of those around him.

This particular strike came for the Magpies against Tottenham Hotspur as Martins played a quick one-two with a teammate before arriving near the edge of the box. From there, he unleashed a thunderous left-footed strike that hit the back of the net before the goalkeeper could move!

9. Roberto Carlos | Brazil | 138km/h

A set-piece wizard on his day, Roberto Carlos is widely regarded as one of the best strikers of the football to ever play the beautiful game. He had an incredible understanding of how the ball would react in different situations and made the most of his instincts.

His free-kick against France in 1997 left many fans, fellow players and experts baffled due to the sheer brilliance on display by Carlos. Standing at about 40 yards from goal, Carlos carefully placed the ball and took a rather long run-up. Considering there were four players in the wall, with a fifth player just behind them to block curlers, this strike by Carlos defies multiple laws of Physics.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic | Paris Saint-Germain | 150km/h

One of the most mercurial and unique players to ever grace a football pitch, Zlatan possessed an incredible ability to manipulate the ball despite standing at a towering 6’5”. He used his flexibility and acrobatic skills to score some of the best goals ever seen.

However, the Swede also packed a powerful punch in his shot and scored one of the most thunderous Champions League goals against RSC Anderlecht in 2013. PSG were on the attack and a cross was played into the box from the left flank. A defender nodded it clear but it fell straight to Zlatan, who rushed onto the ball and nailed it into the top-left corner from miles out.

This was one of the fastest shots ever recorded, and such was the speed that you can hear the silence between the ball hitting the net and the fans losing their minds.

7. Tony Yeboah | Leeds United | 154km/h

Yeboah was renowned for scoring some of the most powerful goals, with two of his best coming within one month of one another. The first one came against Liverpool as Yeboah converted a volley from outside the box with incredible precision and one of the fastest shots.

However, it was the second one against AFC Wimbledon in 1995 that caught most people’s eye. Tony Yeboah saw the ball bounce up after a melee and controlled it with his chest, before running past his marker by faking a shot. He then charged towards the ball and smashed it into the goal off the crossbar to wow the entire crowd present.

6. David Trezeguet | AS Monaco | 154.4km/h

Trezeguet was one of the most famous French strikers to grace the game, popularly remembered for his stint with Juventus and his ‘Golden Goal’ for France at the Euro 2000 tournament. However, he broke onto the big stage well before that while playing for Monaco.

During the 1998-99 season, Trezeguet’s Monaco were facing Manchester United in the Champions League. The striker scored one of the most incredible goals seen, receiving the ball on the right and smashing it past the goalkeeper without second thought.

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5. David Hirst | Sheffield Wednesday | 183km/h

While this shot did not actually end up as a goal, only denied by the crossbar, the sound the ball produced when it hit metal was akin to a gunshot. Such was the power behind Hirst’s attempt that oftentimes one can miss seeing the ball even in the video.

4. Ronald Koeman | Barcelona | 188km/h

Ronald Koeman’s bullet free-kick won Barcelona their first European Cup back in 1992. More than just the speed and power, the timing and significance of this goal made it even more special. To add to that, it came from one of the most prolific defenders of all-time.

3. Steven Reid | Blackburn Rovers | 189km/h

Such was the power behind Reid’s shot that the goalkeeper could be seen diving after the ball had already hit the back of the net and bounced out. One of the most unexpected names on the list, Reid picked his moment perfectly before unleashing a thunderbolt strike.

One of his teammates attempted a cross and the ball was cleared poorly, falling straight to Steven Reid. He came charging in and smashed it into the goal on the volley.

2. Arjen Robben | Real Madrid | 190km/h

Known for his trademark curlers after cutting in from the right flank, Arjen Robben was one of the cleanest strikers of a football on his day. However, he was also capable of scoring with the fastest shots, doing so on one occasion for Real Madrid against Borussia Dortmund.

His team had a corner which was played into the box and cleared only near the edge of the box. Robben saw this as a perfect opportunity and struck through the ball, smashing it into the goal.

1. Ronny Heberson | Sporting CP | 210km/h

One of the most promising young defenders in Brazil, Ronny moved to Sporting when he was 20 but barely broke into the first team. However, he still produced one of the fastest shots in the history of the game since metrics were recorded.

He took a moderately sized run-up, before charging in and scoring with a thunderous effort. Even in the video below, you can barely track the ball until it bounces out of the goal.

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