Best Arsenal Players of All Time

Top 20 Best Arsenal Players of All Time

Premier League has produced the best Arsenal players of all time. Whenever people think about the best Arsenal players of all time, their memory goes back to the time of the fatherly figure of the English club, Herbert Chapman, who is considered the pioneer of modern-day football.

From Chapman’s gentlemen to Mikel Arteta’s current squad of young Gunners, the historical journey of Arsenal has gone through various heroic chapters since the 1880s. This was when the glorious steps towards the future were taken South of the river. Since then, Chapman’s Arsenal gentlemen, Wenger’s warriors, and the multiple Double heroes have illuminated the history of the North London region of the UK. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the list of the 20 Greatest arsenal players, where we’ll discuss how these greatest stars to ever wear red and white contributed to the dazzling history of the Gunners. 

The English club has never been shy in showcasing its greatest players as there have been many who lifted the crest high worldwide. This list of the best Arsenal players of all time was curated on the basis of titles, goals, performance and legacy.

Best Arsenal Players of All time

RankName of PlayerPositionPlaying Years
1. Thierry HenryForward1999-2007, 2012
2.Dennis BergkampForward1995-2006
3.Patrick VieiraMidfielder1996-2005
4.Cliff BastinForward1929-1946
5.David O’LearyDefender1975-1993
6.Charlie GeorgeForward1969-1975
7.Robert PiresMidfielder2000-2006
8.Ian WrightForward1991-1998
9.Liam BradyMidfielder1973-1980
10.Lee DixonDefender1988-2002
11.Tony AdamsDefender1983-2002
12.Ray Parlour Midfielder 1992-2004
13Marc OvermarsForward 1997-2000
14Alan Smith Forward 1987-1995
15.Pat Jennings Goalkeeper 1977-1984
16.Sol Campbell Defender 2001-2006, 2010
17.Robin van PersieForward 2004-2012
18.Paul MersonMidfielder 1985-1997
19.David SeamanGoalkeeper 1990-2003
20.Cesc Fabregas Midfielder 2003-2011

20. Cesc Fabregas

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Cesc Fabregas (Credit: Getty)

Cesc Fabregas was probably the most precious gift Barcelona offered to Arsenal at that time. He was one of the most influential young prodigies to join the English club after emerging from the famous Barcelona youth academy. His decision-making ability and immense potential made him a midfield machine in the club’s arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s side utilized his precise passing, ability to control the game in the middle and extraordinary vision to achieve monumental success. 

At a tender age of 20, Fabregas became the youngest skipper of Arsenal’s history, showcasing remarkable displays, leadership traits and maturity in the center. However, the Arsenal legend joined Barcelona in 2011 and left behind a legacy of elegance and setting a standard of excellence for generations to come. His impact on the pitch as a Gunner resonates far beyond the pitch.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 30357FA Cup (1)

19. David Seaman

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
David Seaman (Credit: Getty)

David Seaman was the most trusted last man of the defense in the 1990s for Arsenal. His shot-stopping abilities and razor-sharp reflexes between the sticks made it impossible for opponents to find the back of the net. Seaman brought a sense of confidence to the Gunners’ defensive line, which was facing difficulties in playing like champions at the back. He was often dubbed as ‘safe hands’ for his remarkable saves, thus establishing himself as one of the greatest in Arsenal’s history. His tally of 228 clean sheets for the Gunners has made him a legendary figure among Arsenal fans.

PositionNo. of GamesCleansheetsHonours
Goalkeeper 564228Premier League (2), FA Cup (4), League Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup, First Division League

18. Paul Merson

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Paul Merson (Credit: Getty)

Paul Merson’s emergence as a footballing star countered allegations of Arsenal recruiting outside talent for glory. Nurtured in the club’s youth academy, Merson quickly rose through the ranks of the English club with his eye-catching displays on the turf. The versatile star had the ability to shine anywhere in the attacking zone, allowing him to excel as a winger, striker, or attacking midfielder. His goal scoring prowess helped Arsenal end their 18-year domestic title drought by winning the league silverware in the 1988-1989 season.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 42599First Division League (2), FA Cup, League Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup

17. Robin van Persie

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Van Persie (Credit: Getty)

Robin van Persie is one of the most celebrated strikers in Arsenal’s history. His time at Arsenal may have been shorter than other legends’, but the impact it had was breathtaking. Robin van Persie burst onto the scene very quickly after joining Arsenal with his exquisite skills and lethal finishing. His 37 goals across all competitions in the 2011-12 season contributed to Arsenal’s success in both the Premier League and FA Cup, earning the club a spot in the UEFA Champions League.

He was often called the ‘flying Dutchman’ by Arsenal fans for his extraordinary technique in performing bicycle kicks. His move to Manchester United in 2012 might have angered the Gunners faithful, but his achievements at Arsenal speak volumes. His legendary career at Arsenal will always be regarded as one of the most dazzling careers in the soccer world.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 278132FA Cup 

16. Sol Campbell

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Sol Campbell (Credit: Getty)

A defensive stalwart, Sol Campbell, made a mark of excellence during his stay at Arsenal. The legendary defender established himself as a talisman with his physical strength, excellent visions of the game and great leadership skills. Despite coming from Tottenham Hotspur, Campbell became one of the fans’ favourites with his extraordinary displays on the turf. Arsenal’s defense was turned into a fortress by his presence at the back, which became instrumental in Arsenal’s 2003-2004 ‘invincible’ season when Arsene Wenger’s side finished the season unbeaten.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Defender 21112Premier League (2), FA Cup (2)

15. Pat Jennings

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Pat Jennings (Credit: Getty)

Pat Jennings was one of those rare players who delivered big time for Arsenal during a period of transition. His great reflexes, remarkable saves, and agility between the sticks made him one of the finest goalkeepers to have ever worn the red and white jersey. The Irish international won over Gunners fans with his humility, staggering performances, and sportsmanship, despite coming from the club’s rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. Jennings represented the values of Arsenal and the beautiful game of football like no one else, becoming a legend among the fans during his active years.

PositionNo. of GamesCleansheets Honours
Goalkeeper 32791FA Cup

14. Alan Smith

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Alan Smith (Credit: Getty)

A clinical finisher and a prolific figure, Alan Smith was instrumental in Arsenal’s glittering success during the 1980s. His eye for goal, excellent decision-making ability, and off-the-ball movement made him one of the club’s most revered strikers. His winning goal in the European Cup Winner’s Cup final against Parma will always be remembered by Arsenal fans. By winning this trophy, Smith ended the European trophy curse of the Gunners and etched his name in the club’s history.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 347115First Division (2), FA Cup, League Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup 

13. Marc Overmars

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Marc Overmars (Credit: Getty)

Despite playing only three years (1997-2000) for the Gunners, the lightning-fast forward earned his place among the legends of the club with his exquisite technique and scoring ability. His lethal pace, exceptional dribbling skills, and intelligent movement made him a constant threat in the final third. The former Ajax player, Marc Overmars, was able to etch his name in the history books of the Gunners with his dazzling displays and unwavering commitment to Arsenal’s success.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 14241FA Cup, Premier League 

12. Ray Parlour

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Ray Parlour (Credit: Getty)

When Arsenal started to burst onto the scene in Europe, Ray Parlour was there like an artist overseeing the process. Popularly known as ‘Romford Pele’, Parlour is an icon of the club, who was exceptional in the midfield. An integral part of the team, Parlour won four FA Cups and three Premier League titles during his stay at Arsenal.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 46632Premier League (3), FA Cup (4), League Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup 

11. Tony Adams

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Tony Adams (Credit: Getty)

Whenever the period of the 1980s in Arsenal’s history is discussed, the name of Tony Adams will be spoken of very highly. He was the heartbeat of the Gunners’ backline with his leadership abilities and extraordinary work rate. The defender led Arsenal to several glories, such as Premier League titles, FA Cups, First Division titles, etc. His consistency and loyalty at Arsenal made him a revered figure among the Gunners.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Defender 66948Premier League (2), First Division (2), FA Cup (3, European Cup Winner’s Cup

10. Lee Dixon

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Lee Dixon (Credit: Getty)

Lee Dixon is one of the most loved characters in Arsenal’s history. The reliable defender was the backbone of the club’s defense during the 1980s. His physical strength, work rate and defensive qualities set him apart from his peers. One of the best full-backs of his time, Dixon was like a silent leader of the Arsenal backline, which also consisted of the likes of Steve Bould, Tony Adams and Nigel Winterburn. The formidable ‘back four’ of Arsenal was the main reason behind the success of the Gunners during that period. 

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Defender61928Premier League (2), First Division (2), FA Cup (3, European Cup Winner’s Cup 

9. Liam Brady

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Liam Brady (Credit: Getty)

Liam Brady, a generational player, was instrumental in Arsenal’s success during the 1980s. The skillful midfielder introduced the idea of a modern playmaker in the centre of the field by his holding style of game and accurate passing in the tight position. His visionary ideas and creativity made him the engine of the Arsenal midfield. Despite joining the Gunners as a youth product, the Irish sensation found his footing in no time and became a major figure in the team’s squad. His great passing range and technical brilliance were the talks of the town every match week.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 30759FA Cup

8. Ian Wright

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Ian Wright (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

A goal scoring machine, Ian Wright, remains a true icon of Arsenal. Since joining the North London outfit in 1991 from Crystal Palace, the forward established himself as one of the important generals in the club’s attacking machinery. His exquisite skills, lethal pace, and unwavering loyalty sent waves across English football. The prolific forward broke the highest goal scoring record of Cliff Bastin for Arsenal, clinching a few more accolades along the way. As long as Arsenal continues to embrace football, the name of Wright will be there, on top.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 288185Premier League, FA Cup (2), European Cup Winner’s Cup, League Cup 

7. Robert Pires

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Robert Pires (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

Robert Pires was one of the most instrumental footballers for Arsenal during the 2000s. With his elegant style of play and exquisite skills, the midfield maestro won over the Emirates. His ability to go past defenders with ease and finding the right man with his defense-splitting passes in the final third made him a terrible threat during the counter-attacks. His midfield partnership with another Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry delivered big times for the club and played a pivotal role in the “invincibles” season.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 28484FA Cup (2), Premier League (2)

6. Charlie George

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Charlie George (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

Charlie George etched his name in the book of Arsenal legends when he scored the stunning winning goal against Liverpool in the 1971 FA Cup final. George became a standout figure in the history of Arsenal through his heroics during a period of transition at the club. His powerful shooting, creativity, and visionary skills made him an enduring personality in English football. The forward amassed 49 goals in 179 Premier League games for Arsenal.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 17949First Division, FA Cup, Inter-cities Fairs Cup

5. David O’Leary

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
David O’Leary (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

David O’Leary is one of those figures in English football who is adorned a lot by the fans for his never-ending loyalty for his club. The Irish centre-back spent his whole career for the service of Arsenal after joining the club as a youth sensation in 1973. The prolific defender, known for his leadership abilities and defensive strength, made a staggering 722 appearances for the Gunners, a record which is yet to be touched and broken in the North London outfit. He was the backbone of the Arsenal defense during the 1980s, and delivered in his team’s victories in the First Division league and FA Cup.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Defender 72214First Division (2), FA Cup (2), League Cup

4. Cliff Bastin

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Cliff Bastin (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

Known for his goal scoring prowess, Cliff Bastin is one of the most prolific figures Arsenal had in their ranks during the World Wars. His accuracy in shooting set him apart from his peers. Five English First Division titles and two FA Cups were the epitome of his success at Arsenal. His 178 goals for the Gunners earned him the highest goal scorer in the history of the club that stood tall for 60 long years.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 396178FA Cup (2), English First Division (5)

3. Patrick Vieira

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Vieira (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

Patrick Vieira, known for his leadership qualities and visionary ideas, excelled during his stint at Arsenal. Under the guidance of Arsen Wenger, the legendary midfielder thrived after arriving in London in 1996. His exceptional passing range and physicality allowed him to lead the midfield of the English outfit. The Gunners enjoyed a lot of success under his captaincy as the great man led his team to Four FA Cups and three Premier League glories.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Midfielder 40633Premier League (3), FA Cup (4)

2. Dennis Bergkamp

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Dennis Bergkamp (Credit: ESPN Twitter)

Dennis Bergkamp holds the second position on our list of best Arsenal players of all time. The Dutchman used to dazzle English football through his unwavering skills and clinical finishes. The ‘non-flying Dutchman’s wonder goal against Newcastle United is something to be talked about in the soccer world. His 87 goals in 315 Premier League matches contributed massively to the Gunners’ success in the 2000s. 

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 423120Premier League (3), FA Cup (4)

1. Thierry Henry

Best Arsenal Players of All Time
Henry (Credit: Arsenal Twitter)

The impact Thierry Henry has on Arsenal can not be measured or spoken in words. His fairytale journey was awarded handsomely by the fans when he was voted for as the club’s ‘Best Ever Player’ in 2008. In almost eight seasons, the French maestro was a prolific figure in the Premier League. He scored 175 goals in his 258 appearances for the Gunners.

PositionNo. of GamesGoalsHonours
Forward 377228Premier League (2), FA Cup (2) 

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