Champions League Prize Money

UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Prize Money Breakdown Revealed

For a football team, participating in the UEFA Champions League may be quite profitable. With the Semi-finals on the verge, let’s have a look at the prize money involved in the Champions League this season.

The Total Champions League Prize Money This Season

Europe’s top teams view it as the ultimate competition Because of the hefty prize money involved. Good performances can also result in more revenue, particularly if a club advances to the later stages of the competition.

The competition organizers have declared that the total purse for the 2023–24 season would remain at €2.03 billion (£1.74bn/$2.19bn), the same as it was for the previous season.

The 2023–24 Champions League prize money distribution for group stage and knockout stage players is fully broken down by Sports Dunia.

Champions League Prize Money Breakdown (2023-24)

Manchester City, the first-time champions, took home around €80 million (£68.4 million/$86.4 million) in prize money throughout the course of the competition last season.

The winner of the 2023–2024 Champions League might receive a maximum of €85.14 million this time around, although it would depend on the team having an ideal campaign from beginning to end.

In general, there are numerous methods by which competing parties can earn rewards. As a reward for their performance in the tournament, the clubs split up the largest portion of the prize money (55%) as shown in the table below. The remaining 45 percent of the pool is distributed in two ways among all 32 group-stage competitors.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize money allocations for different stages of the 2023/24 Champions League:

StagePrize Money
Winner€20m (£17.1m/$21.6m)
Round of 16€9.6m
Group-stage wins€2.8m
Group-stage draws€930k
Reaching group stage€15.64m (£13.37m/$16.89m)
Champions League Prize Money Breakdown (2023-24)

Additional Prize Money Allocations in UEFA Champions League 2023/24

In addition to the performance-based prize money, the UEFA Champions League 2023/24 season introduces further payouts, adding to the financial incentives for participating clubs. Here’s a breakdown of the additional prize money allocations:

Coefficient Payout (30% of total):

Approximately €600 million, constituting 30% of the prize money, is distributed among all 32 clubs in the Champions League group stage.

This allocation is based on a coefficient algorithm that evaluates each club’s European performance over a 10-year period. Clubs are ranked from No. 1 to No. 32 according to this algorithm, with bonus points awarded for winning European trophies.

The payout is then distributed in shares according to a club’s rank, with the lowest-ranked team earning one share (€1.137 million) and the top-ranked team receiving 32 shares (€36.38 million).

Broadcast Market Payout (15% of total):

An additional €300 million (15% of the total purse) is earmarked for broadcast revenue, contingent upon finalizing broadcast deals across Europe.

This allocation is distributed among the national federations of countries represented in the UEFA Champions League, based on the proportional value of each TV market.

Each national federation then allocates this money to the participating Champions League clubs in two ways:

  • 50% of the allocation to a national federation is divided among the participating Champions League clubs from that nation, based on fixed percentages determined by UEFA.
  • The remaining 50% is distributed in proportion to the number of matches played by each club in the 2023/24 season.

These additional prize money allocations further enhance the financial rewards associated with participating in the UEFA Champions League, underscoring the tournament’s significance as the premier club competition in European football.

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