UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16

UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16: Fixtures, Schedule, Match Timings, Venues -Who Qualified for Knockout Stage?

The final day of the Euro 2024 witnessed Georgia pulling off an upset against Portugal and a thrilling finish in Group E. Since the domination of Germany on day 1, the UEFA Euro 2024 has been going through an eventful journey so far. As the tournament has concluded the finale of the group stage matches, the round of 16 qualification situations, which have become interesting so far, have drawn curtains. Many big teams including Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, and England already made it to the round of 16, while a few others were waiting for the final match day results, given the tricky yet interesting situation in the points table. Now, alongside those elite teams, teams such as Georgia and Slovakia have also registered their names in the Knockout stage.

The European Championship consists of 24 teams formed in six groups. The top two teams from each group progress through to the next round, keeping four seats vacant. The fight for these four spots made the calculation intense and entertaining. Till the conclusion of the final game of the group stage, many nations participating at Euro 2024, were holding their breath as their hopes of qualification for the next round went down to the wire.

How do Teams Qualify for UEFA Euro Round of 16?

UEFA Euro 2024 has six groups with four teams in each. After the group finale, the top two teams from these groups will automatically qualify for the round of 16. The top spots in each group are decided on several factors, such as

  • Most points after three matches played
  • Highest goal difference in the group stage
  • Most number of goals in three groups of matches played 
  • Superior goal difference among all groups
  • Most goals scored in matches played between the teams
  • Penalty shootout for two teams playing in the group finale tied in goal difference, goals scored, points and result in their respective match
  • Fair play points
  • Highest position in the European Championship qualifiers

Despite two table toppers from each group going through to the Euro 2024 pre-quarterfinals, four seats remain to be occupied. The best four third-placed teams from six groups fill that void. However, for them to make it through, some criteria are needed to be fulfilled. These teams need to possess,

  • Best goal difference
  • Highest number of points in this lot
  • Number of goals scored
  • Highest winning percentage
  • European qualification ranking
  • Fair Play points

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Which Teams Have Qualified for UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16?

France's Kylian Mbappe
France’s Kylian Mbappe in action at Euro 2024 (Credit: Twitter)

Following the conclusion of the group stage round, we have all 16 teams qualified for the pre-quarterfinals or round of 16. Group E was the most balanced group in this tournament. With every team in this group having the chance to grab a Knockout berth, it was Romania, Belgium, and Slovakia who made it to the final list of the round of 16.

Group A: Germany, Switzerland

Group B: Spain, Italy

Group C: England, Denmark, Slovenia

Group D: Austria, France, Netherlands

Group E: Romania, Belgium, Slovakia

Group F: Portugal, Turkey, Georgia

Which Teams Have Been Eliminated From Euro 2024?

Group A: Scotland, Hungary

Group B: Croatia, Albania

Group C: Serbia

Group D: Poland

Group E: Ukraine

Group F: Czech Republic

Euro 2024 Points Table & Standings

Cristiano Ronaldo hugs a fan
Cristiano Ronaldo hugs a fan during the Portugal vs Turkey match at Euro 2024 (Credit: Twitter)

The final day of the Euro 2024 group stage saw some big results. Georgia, featuring for the first time in European Championship, have beaten one of the tournament favorites Portugal 2-0 in their last group fixture and climbed the table to occupy the third spot in Group F, thus qualifying for the round of 16 as one of the best third-placed teams in the competition. The other game of the lot witnessed a 2-1 Turkish victory over an energetic Czech Republican side, who bowed out of the European Championship despite showing impressive display. 

In Group E, Belgium were held to a goalless draw against Ukraine, while Slovakia and Romania played out a 1-1 draw. For the first time in the history of the UEFA Euro, all teams in a group finished the group stage with the same points. However, due to the goal difference rule, Ukraine had to bid adieu to the competition. As the group stage round comes to an end, we bring you the latest points table and standings of Euro 2024.

Group A

1.Germany (Q)372-1-06
2.Switzerland (Q)351-2-02
3.Hungary 331-1-1-3
4.Canada 310-1-2-5
Euro 2024 Group A Points Table

Group B

1.Spain (Q)393-0-05
2.Italy (Q)341-1-10
3.Croatia (E)320-2-1-3
4.Albania (E)310-1-2-2
Euro 2024 Group B Points Table

Group C

1.England (Q)351-2-01
2.Denmark (Q)330-3-00
3.Slovenia (Q)330-3-00
4.Serbia (E)320-2-1-1
Euro 2024 Group C Points Table

Group D

1.Austria (Q)362-0-12
2.France (Q)351-2-01
3.Netherlands (Q)341-1-10
4.Poland (E)310-1-2-3
Euro 2024 Group D Points Table

Group E

1.Romania (Q)341-1-11
2.Belgium (Q)341-1-11
3.Slovakia (Q)341-1-10
4.Ukraine (E)341-1-1-2
Euro 2024 Group E Points Table

Group F

1.Portugal (Q)362-0-12
2.Turkey (Q)362-0-10
3.Georgia (Q)341-1-10
4.Czech Republic (E)310-1-2-2
Euro 2024 Group F Points Table

UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16 Fixtures

After the completion of the group stage of the UEFA Euro 2024, the final fixture list of all 16 teams has been set. Italy will take on Switzerland in the first match of the quarter-finals. Having said that, let’s have a look at the Euro 2024 round of 16 fixtures, time and venues.

MatchesDateTime (GMT)Venue
Germany vs Denmark 29th June7:00 PMDortmund 
Switzerland vs Italy 29th June4:00 PMBerlin 
Spain vs Georgia30th June7:00 PMCologne 
England vs Slovakia30th June4:00 PMGelsenkirchen
Portugal vs Slovenia1st July 7:00 PMFrankfurt 
France vs Belgium1st July 4:00 PMDusseldorf 
Romania vs Netherlands2nd July 4:00 PMMunich 
Austria vs Turkey2nd July 7:00 PMLeipzig 
UEFA Euro 2024 Quarter-final fixture list

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