UEFA EURO Playoff – Which are the teams involved in the final race for the group stage spots?

UEFA EURO Playoff – Which are the teams involved in the final race for the group stage spots?

Who are the teams in the UEFA EURO playoff?

There are a total of 12 teams battling for the final three spots in the UEFA EURO 2024. They have been divided into three groups with a single-legged knockout tournament set to take place this month. 

Wales, Finland, Poland and Estonia are the first four teams in the running for the final spots. Only one of them can make it to the summer tournament and the aforementioned teams are in Path A.

Wales take on Finland in the semifinal while Poland take on Estonia. The winner of both matches faceoff on March 26th and the victorious team will earn a spot in the UEFA EURO group stage. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Israel, and Iceland are the next set of teams battling for a spot and have been drawn in Path B. Similarly, Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, and Kazakhstan are the final teams, and they are drawn together in Path C. 

UEFA EURO Playoff draw:

To be played on March 21st and 22nd: 

Semifinals – Path A: Poland vs Estonia, Wales vs Finland

Semifinals – Path B: Israel vs Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Ukraine

Semifinals – Path C: Georgia vs Luxembourg, Greece vs Kazakhstan

To be played on March 26th: 

Final – Path A: Wales/Finland vs Poland/Estonia

Final – Path B: Bosnia-Herzegovina/Ukraine vs Israel/Iceland

Final – Path C: Georgia/Luxembourg vs Greece/Kazakhstan

UEFA EURO 2024 qualified teams:

Twenty one teams have sealed their place in the group stages of the UEFA EURO 2024 so far. Germany have got an automatic spot, while twenty teams earnt their spot via the qualifiers. 

They have been divided into six groups and they are:

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland.

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania.

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England.

Group D: The Netherlands, Austria, France, Playoff Winner A.

Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Playoff Winner B.

Group F: Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic, Playoff Winner C.

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UEFA EURO 2024 Group Stage schedule:

All 24 teams have been drawn into 8 groups and will face off with three others in their respective groups during the first stage of the summer tournament. There are a total of 36 matches, and the fixtures are as follows:

Friday, June 14th

Group A: Germany vs. Scotland 

Saturday, June 15th

Group A: Hungary vs. Switzerland

Group B: Spain vs. Croatia 

Group B: Italy vs. Albania 

Sunday, June 16th

Group D: Playoff Winner A vs. Netherlands 

Group C: Slovenia vs. Denmark 

Group C: Serbia vs. England 

Monday, June 17th

Group E: Romania vs. Playoff Winner B 

Group E: Belgium vs. Slovakia 

Group D: Austria vs. France 

Tuesday, June 18th

Group F: Turkey vs. Playoff Winner C 

Group F: Portugal vs. Czech Republic 

Wednesday, June 19th

Group B: Croatia vs. Albania 

Group A: Germany vs. Hungary 

Group A: Scotland vs. Switzerland 

Thursday, June 20th

Group C: Slovenia vs. Serbia 

Group C: Denmark vs. England 

Group B: Spain vs. Italy 

Friday, June 21st

Group E: Slovakia vs. Playoff Winner B 

Group D: Playoff Winner A vs. Austria

Group D: Netherlands vs. France 

Saturday, June 22nd

Group F: Playoff Winner C vs. Czech Republic

Group F: Turkey vs. Portugal

Group E: Belgium vs. Romania

Sunday, June 23rd

Group A: Switzerland vs. Germany 

Group A: Scotland vs. Hungary

Monday, June 24th

Group B: Albania vs. Spain 

Group B: Croatia vs. Italy 

Tuesday, June 25th

Group D: France vs. Playoff Winner A 

Group D: Netherlands vs. Austria 

Group C: England vs. Slovenia 

Group C: Denmark vs. Serbia 

Wednesday, June 26th

Group E: Playoff Winner B vs. Belgium 

Group E: Slovakia vs. Romania 

Group F: Czech Republic vs. Turkey 

Group F: Playoff Winner C vs. Portugal

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