Dani Alves

When is Dani Alves Expected to Serve His Sentence Again?

In this article, we will try to give you a description of the Brazilian Dani Alves’ present circumstances while he awaits a new trial.

Dani Alves out from Brian 2 prison

Football player Dani Alves was released on bond from Brians 2 prison after serving more than 14 months in jail.

But because of precautionary restrictions set by the Barcelona High Court, his newfound independence is not without limitations. Alves is not allowed to leave Spain, has turned in both of his passports, and is required to report to the authorities every week.

Regarding Alves’ probable term of freedom, El Espanol conferred with Ospina Abogados attorney Juan Gonzalo Ospina. Ospina described the protracted legal proceedings that would follow, which would include appeals from the prosecution, defence, and victim.

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Is Dani Alves going to be free forever?

Because of the current appeals process, Alves has been placed under temporary release until the High Court of Justice of Catalonia takes additional action, which may take up to six months.

Subsequent appeals could prolong the process and include the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, or possibly the European Court of Human Rights.

Provisionally released pending the appeals process, Alves faces the uncertainty of potential re-incarceration within 18 to 24 months, as outlined by Ospina. The timeline for his legal journey unfolds as follows:

  1. Appeal to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia:
    • Timeframe: Approximately six months.
  2. Possible appeal to the Supreme Court:
    • Timeframe: Between six months and one year.
  3. Appeal for Amparo before the Constitutional Court:
    • Timeframe: Variable, with no impact on the prison sentence.
  4. Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights:
    • Timeframe: Variable, with no impact on the prison sentence.

Currently residing in Barcelona and reunited with his wife, Alves’ situation remains precarious as the appeal to the High Court of Justice unfolds. For the victim, the drawn-out legal process only prolongs the quest for justice, initially finding Alves guilty.

As the legal saga continues, Alves awaits the outcome of his appeal, with the looming possibility of a return to prison casting a shadow over his newfound freedom.