What is a White card in football?

What is a White card in football?

    In the game of football, red cards and yellow cards are commonly used to maintain discipline and fair play during matches. But have you ever witnessed a referee using a white card? The white card, also known as the ‘fair play card’, was introduced by the Portuguese Football Federation to encourage teams to act in a sporting manner and is only used in Portugal.

    The white card can be shown to a player, the manager, or a member of the coaching or medical staff for both teams. It will be used to give immediate recognition for a positive act during a game of football.

    When was the first White card used in professional football?

    The white card made it’s first appearance between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon in the Taca de Portugal match. During the game, someone off-the-pitch fell well which prompted the medical staff from both teams to rush to that person’s aid.

    After the incident, the referee went ahead and showed a white card to both medical staff for their actions which was met by a positive reaction from the fans. The medics deservedly received a standing ovation from the fans at the Estadio da Luz, with many applauding the usage of this new card. Benfica went on to win the game 5-0 and progress to the semi-finals, setting the record for the highest attendance in a women’s football game in Portugal.

    The specific reason for it being used is still unknown as the specific rules and regulations regarding the usage of the white card has not been officially released.

    Can we ever see the white card implemented in Premier League & UEFA club competitions?

    For the time being, the white card remains a Portuguese initiative only and hasn’t been sanctioned by the International Football Association Board. So it’s highly unlikely that we will get to see the usage of white cards in some of the top leagues in Europe, like Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc, or in the continental competitions organised by UEFA.


    Q- What is a white card in football?

    A white card is a symbolic representation of positive conduct in the game.

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