Why Ben White Withdrew from England duty at the World Cup?

Why Ben White Withdrew from England duty at the World Cup?

Ben White has been one of the exceptional performers at the club level for the Premier League club Arsenal. His defensive contributions have provided the Gunners with a defined solidity. White is currently regarded as one of the most talented defenders in the English football.

The Potential reason behind Ben White withdrawing his name from England’s Qatar World Cup Squad

There were potential rumours of a tiff between England’s senior squad assistant manager Steve Holland and Ben white during the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The reports further insisted that it was the probable reason behind the 26-year-old defender returning to England amidst the tournament by withdrawing himself from the team.

However, the Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate has insisted in one of his recent press conferences that there were no such sour exchanges or defining issues between Ben White and Steve Holland during the previous World Cup. The reports further signify that the tiff between Holland and White began when the former asked the defender a certain question which he refused to answer. Ben White’s nullified response made England’s assistant manager question the defender’s interest in football.

Ben White’s unavailability for the upcoming international friendlies of England

Ben White for England
Ben White for England (Credit: The Telegraph)

England’s manager Gareth Southgate was questioned about the reason why Ben White wasn’t called up to England’s senior squad to face Brazil and Belgium in the upcoming friendlies. Southgate reportedly revealed that England’s national squad staff member was informed that Ben White would not be available for the upcoming international fixtures over a phone call by Edu, the Sporting Director of Arsenal.

While Arsenal still chasing the Premier League title this season, White remains an important player for them, but his non-inclusion in England’s squad has certainly raised eyebrows in the English media.

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