Argentina vs Guatemala Player Ratings

Argentina vs Guatemala Player Ratings as Lionel Messi Shines and Lautaro Martinez Earns Praises

Argentina was running riot when facing Guatemala in FedExField, Maryland, the United States. Lionel Scaloni’s squad battered their opponent 4-1 where Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez scored two goals respectively. The victory was a positive result before playing in the Copa America this week. Here’s Argentina vs Guatemala Player Ratings:

Argentina National Football Team Player Ratings vs Guatemala


Emiliano Martínez
Emiliano Martínez (Getty Images)

Emiliano Martínez (6.2/10)
Committed one error led to a shot for Guatemala which was still anticipated well.


Nahuel Molina
Nahuel Molina (Getty Images)

Nahuel Molina (6.6/10)
There is a lot of room for improvement as he could not show something special in the game apart from attacking from the right flank.

Nicolas Otamendi (7.2/10)
A firmly experienced role for Argentina at the back, leading the defending force in a good manner.

Lisandro Martínez (6.7/10)
Frequently came on to help the attack for Argentina. His goal on the edge of the first half was denied due to offside.

Nicolás González (6.9/10)
Giving another attacking option through the left flank, working hand-in-hand with Lautaro Martinez.


Alexis MacAllister
Alexis MacAllister (Getty Images)

Enzo Fernandez (7.7/10)
His ball possession and passing distribution was one of the most produced among Argentina players.

Alexis MacAllister (6.9/10)
Argentina’s second most important player in attacking. The Liverpool midfielder appeared as Messi’s deputy in the midfield.

Valentín Carboni (7.2/10)
Brought balance on the right flank. Carboni became a hub for Argentina’s defending and attacking transition.

Gio Lo Celso (7/10)
Providing balls and creating spaces to allow other players to penetrate Guatemala’s defensive line.


Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi (Getty Images)

Lionel Messi (9.1/10)
Centre of Argentina’s attacking universe. He is officially the country’s oldest goal scorer in 36 years and 355 days.

Lautaro Martinez (8.7/10)
Made a couple of chances for Argentina but the goal came in seconds before he was subbed off in the second half.


Leandro Paredes (6.8/10)
Dictated the midfield well since replacing Alexis MacAllister in the second half.

Rodrigo De Paul (6.7/10)
Had his goal denied due to offside in the second half, he gave more options to Argentina’s attacking plan.

Angel Di Maria (8.1/10)
Added more creativity since coming in the second half.

Julian Alvarez (6.4/10)
Helped Argentina create chances since he came on in the second half.

Lucas Quarta (6.8/10)
Did the job well to maintain the pace and keep the lead until the final whistle.

Gonzalo Montiel (6.6/10)
Helping his teammates to distribute the ball in order to keep possession in their favour.

Manager – Lionel Scaloni (8/10)
Made several right substitutions in rotating the players where despite some pillars came off, the intensity stayed on the same level.

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Guatemala National Football Team Player Ratings vs Argentina


Nicholas Hagen
Nicholas Hagen (Getty Images)

Nicholas Hagen (6.9/10)
Had a busy day at work as Argentina kept putting Guatemala under siege.


Lautaro Martinez
Lautaro Martinez (Getty Images)

José Ardón (6/10)
Same as Hagen, Ardon was busy defending his team to prevent Argentina from scoring another goal. He had to make multiple tackles and clearances to keep the ball away.

Nicolas Samayoa (6.1/10)
Made a total of seven defending efforts just in the first half. That shows how actively Argentina bombarded Guatemala’s defensive force.

José Carlos Pinto (6.4/10)
With two clearances, two interceptions, and three tackles, Pinto gave it all out for Guatemala in the game.

José Morales (6.1/10)
Struggled to keep up with Argentina’s attacking force from the right side.


Marco Domínguez
Marco Domínguez (Getty Images)

Marco Domínguez (6.2/10)
Picked up a yellow in his defending process to keep Messi away from the ball.

Óscar Castellanos (6.7/10)
Building up the attacking plan in the midfield which was tough as he had to face the likes of MacAllister and Enzo.

Jonathan Francisco Franco González (6.2/10)
Made a 100 percent passing distribution in the first half.


Rubio Rubin
Rubio Rubin (Getty Images)

Elmer Cardoza (6.5/10)
Struggled to break Argentina’s defence apart as several chances were denied.

Oscar Santis (6.1/10)
Could not do much to keep up with Argentina’s defenders in order to score a goal.

Rubio Rubin (6.5/10)
The reason why Guatemala scored was because Lisandro Martinez diverted the ball into his own net.


Esteban Garcia (6.5/10)
Not much he can do to overturn the table as Argentina were too superior.

Carlos Mejia (6.6/10)
His two successful long passes found nothing as Guatemala failed to score any goals on their own.

Rodrigo Savaria (6.4/10)
Just practically running around the pitch, finding a way to break into Argentina’s defence.

Darwin Lom (6.6/10)
Expected to at least score once against Argentina, which he failed to accomplish.

Manager – Luis Fernando Tena (6.8/10)
Not his best day as Argentina was too superior.

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