Arsenal planning on Jorginho contract extension

Arsenal planning on Jorginho contract extension

Jorginho will have his contract expired with Arsenal this June. As it stands, the Brazil-born Italian midfielder is fighting for the Gunners in the Premier League title race with three games to go. 

Arsenal have only lost once in 10 games where Jorginho started this season. With the impact he has given so far, the London-based club considered extending his contract duration beyond the summer as per The Athletic.

Jorginho contract extension: Arsenal manager praises former Chelsea star

The Gunners midfielder Mikel Arteta praised the quality Jorginho has shown so far. The Spaniard admitted that Jorginho is useful for his tactics and strategy on the pitch, adding that he was a great role model for young players.  

“It’s a game that I had in my mind,” Arteta said via The Athletic. “I was imagining how much we were going to need him. He’s a really intelligent player, his biggest quality is that he makes the people around him better. He connects everybody. I think he was man of the match.

“For all the kids at the club, if you want to look at somebody, just look at him. He’s won everything but you ask him not to play or play one minute last week he’s happy to go there. Ask him to play 90 minutes at that rhythm and he’s able to do that. I’m really lucky to have players like this.”