top 10 best back heel goals

Top 10 backheel goals of all time

Backheel goals show the sheer confidence of the player, as he showcases one of the most difficult skills in football. The beautiful game has witnessed many such goals but here are the best of the lot that can be seen on a loop. Let’s take a look at the best back heel goals in football history.

Grafite, WOLFSBURG v Bayern Munich (2009)

Credit: Youtube

In Wolfsburg’s (2008/09) Bundesliga winning campaign, Gratife carried the ball to the right of the keeper, jumped over him, and then executed an outrageous back-heel that sent three Bayern players the wrong way as the ball rolled into the corner. It’s been15 years since Grafite did this vs Bayern and it still feels fresh

Cristiano Ronaldo, REAL MADRID v Valencia (2014)

Credit: Youtube

This 90th-minute backheel goal vs Valencia in 2014 is surely, one of CR7’s greatest goals for Real Madrid! Cristiano Ronaldo scored his fair share of goals during his record-breaking nine-year stint with Real Madrid.

Jérémy Ménez, MILAN v Parma (2014)

The stand-out moment in a nine-goal thriller at Parma’s Stadio Ennio Tardini, Ménez’s one of the best backheel goals gave the insurance, and it’s difficult to imagine it in any other way as it was clinical had he been facing goal and rifled it with the instep.

Thierry Henry, ARSENAL v Charlton (2004)

Credit: Youtube

Henry takes a chance, knowing that he is near the goal and that if he makes a good connection, the ball will be in the back of the net. This shows the player’s ingenuity to perform the back heel with continuous pressure by the defender, which later even got the appreciation of Arsene Wenger “It’s a special goal not for the technique of the back-heel, but because he is so quick to analyze what is the best response in that situation.”

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Leopoldo Luque, RIVER PLATE v Huracan (1979)

Credit: Youtube

The River Plate star sent El Monumental into rapture after rounding off this fine scoring movement with a no-look attempt, engineering the perfect finish. Huracan sat still as Luque broke his way into the open, which was nothing short of unique.

Jordan Blondel, Consolat Marseille v AVRANCHES (2016)

Credit: Youtube

This 18-yard Backheel Volley Is The Definition Of Cheeky. The 23-year-old received a long ball over the top of the Consolat Marseille defense to perform this wonderful moment. The French 3rd tier would keep this in their history books for sure.

Sadio Mane, Liverpool v Watford (2019)

Credit: Youtube

A spectacular piece of skill was executed by Mane to grab his second of the night converting a poor touch to a back-heel past Ben Foster from more than 10 yards as they went on to win 5-0 against Watford.

​Matty Burrows, GLENTORAN v Portadown (2010)

Credit: Youtube

​Glentoran Matty Burrows scored a 92nd-minute winner for Glentoran with a perfectly timed jumping back heel volley against Portadown, which earned him a FIFA Puskás Award for the year. This is among the best back heel goals in football history.

​Alessia Russo, England vs Sweden (2022)

Credit: Youtube

Alessia Russo’s 68th-minute back heel goal, securing England’s semi-final victory over Sweden, left the stadium in astonishment and later captured the world’s attention as one of the best back heel goals in football history.

LUIS SUÁREZ, Barcelona vs Mallorca( 2020)

Credit: Youtube

Prime Luis Suarez was set up for the goal that got the attention of the world converting Frankie De Jong’s pass into the net. The backheel chip finesse was not just the highlight of the game but of the season as well.

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