Canada vs Chile Highlights: The Reds Makes History by advancing to knockouts

Canada vs Chile Highlights: The Reds Make History by advancing to knockouts

Canada’s national team played a 0-0 draw with Chile in their Copa América match at Exploria Stadium, Orlando, Florida. Despite the scoreless result Canada secured second place in Group A and advanced to the next round helped by Argentina’s victory over Peru.

The match started intensely with Moise Bombito (Canada) receiving a yellow card in the 7th minute followed by Gabriel Suazo (Chile) in the 12th. Canada’s best chance in the first half came in the 17th minute when Alistair Johnston’s header was saved by Chilean goalkeeper Gabriel Arias.

In the 26th minute, Suazo was sent off after a second yellow card. Despite playing with ten men Chile managed to hold off Canada. Late in the game Alexis Sánchez’s deflected shot was saved by Maxime Crépeau. Tani Oluwaseyi’s 91st-minute goal for Canada was disallowed for offside. The match ended with four yellow cards and Chile’s elimination from the tournament.

Canada vs Chile Highlights

1st Minute: The match kicks off at Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

7th Minute: Moise Bombito (Canada) receives an early yellow card for a tackle on Víctor Dávila.

12th Minute: Gabriel Suazo (Chile) is booked for a reckless tackle.

17th Minute: Alistair Johnston’s header from a Stephen Eustáquio corner is saved by Chilean goalkeeper Gabriel Arias.

26th Minute: Gabriel Suazo (Chile) is sent off after a second yellow card for a foul on Richie Laryea.

42nd Minute: Alphonso Davies (Canada) is shown a yellow card. Gabriel Arias makes a crucial save against Stephen Eustáquio.

73rd Minute: Alexis Sánchez’s deflected shot is saved by Maxime Crépeau.

74th Minute: Chile’s goalkeeper Gabriel Arias makes a critical save, keeping the score 0-0.

90th Minute: Tani Oluwaseyi’s goal for Canada is disallowed for offside.

90th+2 Minute: Chile pushes forward but Canada clears the danger.

90th+5 Minute: Kamal Miller comes on for Canada, replacing Jonathan David.

90th+7 Minute: Alexis Sánchez creates a late chance for Chile, but Maxime Crépeau holds on to the ball, ensuring the match ends 0-0.

Player of the Match: Gabriel Arias (Chile)

Gabriel Arias was outstanding for Chile making crucial saves throughout the match. His quick reflexes and timely interventions especially against Alistair Johnston and Stephen Eustáquio kept Chile in the game despite being down to ten men for most of the match.

Key Moment: Gabriel Suazo’s Red Card (26th Minute)

The turning point came in the 26th minute when Gabriel Suazo received a second yellow card for a foul on Richie Laryea. This left Chile with ten players for the remainder of the match putting them at a significant disadvantage and shifting the momentum in Canada’s favour.


Despite the numerical advantage and numerous chances, Canada could not break through Chile’s resilient defense led by the exceptional performance of Gabriel Arias. The match ended in a 0-0 draw allowing Canada to advance to the next round while Chile showing great determination are now eliminated from the tournament.

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