Canada vs Chile Player Ratings

Canada vs Chile Player Ratings: Gabriel Suazo Receives Red Card as Match Ends in Draw

Canada and Chile shared a point in their respective third game in the group stage at Inter & Co Stadium which was not a result the latter wanted. With this loss, Chile are out of the competition while Canada progressing to the knockouts.

The appearance of Alexis Sanchez couldn’t prevent the two-time champions from losing. It is the first time since 2004 that Chile were eliminated in the group stage.

Canada National Football Team Player Ratings vs Chile


Maxime Crépeau (7.5/10): Made four saves and three out of them were shots from inside the box.


Alistair Johnston (7.1/10): Actively helped attacking from the right flank of the pitch. Sometimes, he also prevented the balls to entering the box.

Moïse Bombito (6.7/10): Had duels in front of Canada’s box to defend his area

Derek Cornelius (6.8/10): Spent more of his time defending for most of the time in the game with clearing and intercepting.

Alphonso Davies (7/10): Not only fast, he also provided Canadian forwards accurate passes.


Jonathan Osorio (6.8/10): Dealing with Chilean players in the middle of the pitch which goes not that bad for him.

Stephen Eustáquio (6.9/10): Delivered long balls to get out of the pressure from Chile, struggled to open spaces in the midfield.

Jonathan David (6.6/10): Touching the ball 18 times with one key pass for his teammates.


Richie Laryea (6.9/10): Running up and down the flank to create chances for his team but struggled to really made an impact for the scoreline.

Jacob Shaffelburg (6.7/10): Being on every side of the pitch, trying different angles to break into the defence but still couldn’t get an expected result.

Cyle Larin (6.6/10): Made one shot on target and one that went off the target.


Liam Millar (6.6/10): Made only one shot that went off the target.

Tajon Buchanan (6.5/10): Had one shot on target but denied.

Tani Oluwayesi (6.7/10): Could not make an expected impact on the pitch with Chile were quite strong to break apart.

Kamal Miller – N/A

Manager –

Jesse Masch (6.7/10): Had a limited source of players who is able to break apart the Chile defensive line.

Chile National Football Team Player Ratings vs Chile


Gabriel Arias (7.6/10): If it was not Arias, Chile would have lost the game as he made six goal preventions in total.


Gabriel Suazo (5/10): Put Chile down to 10 men after his red card.

Guillermo Maripán (7/10): A thick brick wall for Canada as multiple attacking attempts found deadlocks on his feet.

Igor Lichnovsky (6.8/10): Blocked and tackled every time he had a chance to do it, all to prevent Canada from scoring

Mauricio Isla (7.1/10): Clearing and intercepting attacks from the right flank and at the same time, Isla helped his team attack.


Rodrigo Echeverría (7.3/10): His appearance in the midfield was nothing as a butcher for the Canadian players with duels he won. Echeverria also managed to deliver some threats with his shot attempts.

Marcelino Núñez (7.1/10): Same as Eche, Nunez also tried his luck on Canada with multiple shooting attempts.


Víctor Dávila (6.9/10): Had an intense game with duels and chances he was making.

Darío Osorio (6.5/10): Showing a so-so performance with no significant impact at the front.

Alexis Sánchez (7.6/10): His vision and movement was still like it was 10 years ago, still bossing the attacking side of Chile.

Eduardo Vargas (6.7/10): No shots he delivered, only dribble attempts that succeeded once.


Thomas Galdames (6.8/10): Running down the left flank to make three clearances and three tackles.

Erick Pulgar (6.9/10): He was everywhere during the 45 minutes of his appearance on the pitch.

Marcos Bolados (6.4/10): Had two successful dribble attempts but failed to make his team score.

Ben Breteton Diaz (6.3/10): No duels won, no long passes delivered, nothing he can do in 13 minutes.

Cesar Perez (6.7/10): Guarding the midfield to prevent the opponents from scoring but also failed to push his team to score at the same time.

Manager –

Sergio Santín (6.8/10): Couldn’t break the deadlock with notable players he has on the team.

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