Ecuador vs Italy Player Ratings- Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo Barella Hands Visitors a Well-Earned Win

Ecuador vs Italy Player Ratings- Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo Barella Hands Visitors a Well-Earned Win

Here are the Ecuador vs Italy Player Ratings:-

Ecuador Player Ratings

J.Burrai- 6.5 | The Ecuador goalkeeper had an average game against Italy. Despite making two saves, he conceded two goals in his team’s loss on the day.

F. Torres- 7.0 | Torres accounted for 56 passes in the match against Italy. He also made one successful tackle during the game.

W.Pacho- 7.1 | Pacho played for the entire 90 minutes of the match against Italy. Delivering an above-average defensive performance, the defender registered a tally of 69 key passes.

P. Hincapie- 7.6 | Hianpie looked in form for Ecuador in their international friendly against the Italians. He completed 59 passes and made one significant tackle committing four fouls on the day.

A.Franco- 5.7 | The Ecuadorian played a sum of 79 minutes and had one shot towards the goal.

M.Caicedo- 7.7 | The midfielder looked good in certain moments during the match. He played well, despite failing to make any marquee contribution.

P.Estupinan- 7.0 | Playing for the eternity of the match, Estupinian held the midfield together for Ecuador. He also registered a tally of two shots.

A. Preciado- 6.9 | Preciado played the full quota of 90 minutes for Ecuador. He did his job on the wings for his team trying to link up the play during crucial junctures of the game.

G.Plata- 7.7 | The Ecuadorian number ten held the attacking line of his team well during instances in the match. However, wasn’t able to convert some of the chances that fell to him.

J. Sarmiento- 7.5 | The forward looked energetic for the time frame of 80 minutes that he played against Italy. He had one shot towards the Italian goal.

A.Minda- 6.1 | Minda had a below-average outing against Italy. He was substituted near the 65th-minute mark of the match.


Allen Obando- 6.1 | The forward got to play the closing stages for Ecuador against Italy in their international friendly.

Carlos Gruezo- 6.3 | Gruezo made a substitute appearance towards the later stages of the match. He played for about 11 minutes.

Kendry Paez- 6.0 – Paez got to play a few minutes in the dying stages of the Ecuador vs Italy clash.

Italy Player Ratings

G.Vicario- 7.7 | The Italian goalkeeper had a good outing against Ecuador. He managed to keep a clean sheet and made one crucial save on the night.

G.Mancini- 7.1| Even though Mancini received a yellow card against Ecuador, he had a pretty decent game for Italy. He completed 64 passes and indulged in one successful tackle.

A.Bastoni- 7.0 | The Italian defender produced an above-average performance. In addition to keeping a clean sheet, he accounted for a tally of 63 passes.

M.Darmian- 6.8 | Darmian held the defensive line well for Italy. He played for the entire span of the match having committed one foul and indulging in a robust tackle.

Nicolo Barella- 8.0 | The forward player’s performance was the shining light for Italy. His 94th-minute goal sealed a terrific victory for his team against Ecuador.

Jorginho- 6.9 | The midfielder was up to his task in the middle of the park for Italy. Jorginho showed his technical ability in terms of keeping the ball and linking up the play for his team.

F. Dimarco- 7.0 | Dimarco played a sum of 88 minutes. He looked like a player in good touch as he embarked upon the pace of the match. He further registered two shots towards the Ecuadorian goal.

R.Bellanova- 6.8 | Bellanova played his part for Italy in their win on the night. He got a game time of around 45 minutes against Ecuador.

N.Zaniolo- 6.3 | The number 22 did a decent job while playing in the 4-3-2-1 formation led out by the Italian manager Spalleti. He was substituted during the 77th-minute mark of the match.

Lorenzo Pellegrini- 8.1 | Pellegrini delivered a high-quality performance for Italy. He looked threatening from the start of the match. His goal in the third minute of the game gave his side an early advantage in the match.

G.Raspadori- 6.9 | The number 11 had an average game leading the front line for his team. He looked sharp but failed to convert some of the chances that fell his way.


Giovanni Di Lorenzo- 7.1 | Making a substitute appearance, Di Lorenzo played for about 45 minutes. He completed 15 passes, indulged in a foul, and made one successful tackle.

Mateo Retegui- 6.7 | Retegui did well in about 15 minutes which he played as a substitute. He had one shot to his name in the match.

Manuel Locatelli- 6.4 | Locatelli got a game-time of around 23 minutes for Italy in their friendly against Ecuador. While he looked sharp, wasn’t able to make any significant impact on the game.

Andrea Cambiaso- 6.2 | Making a brief substitute appearance from the bench, Cambiaso gave a decent account of himself in the minutes he got under his belt.

Riccardo Orsolini- 7.1 | Orsolini made a significant impact for Italy despite playing a mere tally of just around 15 minutes. He assisted one of the goals that his team scored in their 0-2 win over Ecuador. The winger appeared to be in full flow in his short yet impactful appearance.

Davide Frattesi- 6.4 | The midfielder played a total of about 23 minutes. He was able to get up to the pace of the game quickly despite being a late second-half substitute.

These were the Ecuador vs Italy Player Ratings

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