IFAB to test new offside rule: Reports

IFAB to test new offside rule: Reports

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is reportedly set to begin testing for a new rule for offside in football. As per 433, a player would be deemed offside only when their entire body is ahead of the defending player.

Offsides have been a topic of debate for a long time. The introduction of VAR did make the process easier but there are still some errors with the line drawing possibilities.

Hence, a new semi-automated method of checking for offsides was tested at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This wasn’t introduced in the major leagues in club football yet but the Premier League is likely to introduce the semi-automated technology next season onwards.

Regardless, there might just be a new change in the offside rule altogether.

What is offsides in football?

When a player, who is attacking a goal, is behind the last defender when the ball is played, the said player is deemed offside. The attacker is said to gain an advantageous position over the defender and hence, it is disallowed.

The rule also comes into action if the attacker is ahead of the ball when it is played after both players have beaten the offside trap. This only applies to body parts through which an attacker can legally score, though. So, arms aren’t considered while checking for an offside.

Note that the rule is applied to the last man ahead of the goalkeeper. However, if in a situation, a goalkeeper goes ahead of a defender, the line of the attacker will be measured with respect to the goalkeeper’s position.

If an attacker is deemed offside, the play is stopped and the opposing team receives a free kick from the point of offside to resume the play.

However, this rule has seen some criticism over the years, especially in terms of disallowing goals. Even when the attacker is marginally ahead of a defender, he is deemed offside. Although, many believe that an attacker has gained no advantage in such a situation.

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What is the new proposed offside rule?

New approved offside rule in football

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had said last year that a player should only be deemed offside (offsides in football) if they have gained a significant advantage over the defender. He proposed that the rule should come into play if the attacker’s entire body is in front of the defender and not just one body part.

IFAB is now reportedly set to test this rule out in lower leagues. Depending on its success, the rule will be either altered and tested again or brought up into the higher leagues.