Jack Grealish turns up in a full Gucci tracksuit amid the risk of losing place in Manchester City

Jack Grealish turns up in a full Gucci tracksuit amid the risk of losing place in Manchester City

Domestic football is returning this week and Jack Grealish ensured that everyone was paying attention to his “entrance” into the training ground. The Birmingham native showed up to the Manchester City training facility in a full tracksuit from Gucci after dealing with injury recovery since February. 

The England star posted his presence at the training ground, on his personal Instagram account, saying ‘Back’ with a light-blue love emoji. However, what he has shown on social media is poles apart with his reality on the pitch. 

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Jack Grealish is facing a downturn on his game

Gamewise, Grealish is at risk of losing his place in the first team owing to the recent promising performances of Jeremy Doku. Not only Doku, Grealish has to compete with some big names in the midfield area including Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. 

His downturn has catched attention of gaffer Pep Guardiola, who admitted and protected his player from further critics. 

“This season was not like last season,” Guardiola said via Goal. “But he’s getting better. He’s doing the steps to get to his best level and now is competing with players at a high level. This is the only reason why. 

“He has to demand himself to get back where he was, especially last season and all the time at Aston Villa. I’m looking forward to giving him minutes. It’s not a big, big problem, completely the opposite. We need him.”

Grealish’s last start for City was when beating Huddersfield 5-0 in January. He only played 17 minutes for the next five games as Guardiola preferred to play Doku and Phil Foden in his operation area. 

Jack Grealish is encountering stagnation on his level

Five-time English league winner Graeme Souness is one of the outsiders who has criticised Grealish’s progress since coming from Aston Villa a few years ago. Grealish, according to the Scottish legend, has reached stagnation in his game. 

“Grealish isn’t showing any intent to get by defenders,” Souness said. “He is, for me, at a crossroads in his City career. Jack is 28. He needs to have a close look at himself. He should be in his pomp. 

“Between 26 and 30 you have the knowledge, you’re physically and mentally stronger. He will not be getting any better. This should be his time. So, if I was him, I would be very concerned. I’d be sitting in front of the manager and asking him, ‘How do you see it for me?”

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