Kyle Walker reunites with his wife after a scandal affair with influencer Lauryn Goodman

Kyle Walker reunites with his wife after a scandal affair with influencer Lauryn Goodman

Manchester City full-back Kyle Walker is reportedly to be back at home after living separately from his wife, Annie Kilner, since January. The separation was caused by Walker’s affair with an internet personality Lauryn Goodman. 

Back in January, the scandal was leaked to the public after Goodman announced that Walker was the father of the child. For the past four months, Walker lived in a £20,000-a-month rented property alongside his children.

Kyle Walker is serious about saving his marriage

The Sun reported that Kilner decided to have Walker back at their £3.5 million house after considering saving their marriage. Just last week, the media reported that Walker proposed a plan about moving to Saudi Arabia which was rejected by Kilner and his children.

“Kyle is now living back with Annie and the kids as they try and put their difficulties behind them and get their marriage back on track,” DailyMail wrote, according to a unanimous source. “She needs a lot of help around the house and a lot of emotional support. Kyle’s very happy that he’s back in the family home but things are still very strained between them.”

The same source also said that Walker is eager to prove his worth to Kilner by doing more home chores and things around their children. At the same time, Kilner’s mental state is still vulnerable despite the two trying their best to sort things out. 

“It would be an understatement to say that he needs to get back into Annie’s good books and he’s doing his best by making himself more useful around the house. But there are people within her circle who feel that she’s taken him back too quickly.

“But her hormones are all over the place and she’s decided that it’s worth putting in the effort to save their marriage. A lot of women wouldn’t have done this but at the end of the day, it’s her choice.”

Jobwise, Walker is focussing on winning his sixth Premier League title with Manchester City. The Citizens have one game in hand and are one point behind Arsenal at the top of the table. An away victory over Fulham this Saturday will push them to the top since Mikel Arteta’s squad will still play the following day.


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