Kylian Mbappe

French legend says Real Madrid is not the ‘right place’ for Kylian Mbappe

Rumours about Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid circulating even bigger on the internet after Paris Saint-Germain were trashed out of the Champions League. Many believe that the official statement is set to be announced soon as PSG have nothing to fight left anymore this season. 

Amid excitement about Mbappe going to the current La Liga champions, there is one person who is not a big fan of the rumour. It was the former French center-back Marcel Desailly. The 1998 World Cup winner said that Los Blancos are already full of stars in positions Mbappe have been playing in so far. 

“I’ve said it already, I would move to a different continent,” Desailly told beIN Sport. “For him, I’m not sure Madrid is the perfect place for him to be. We have Vinicius on the left side, a player showing the quality like Bellingham so he’s not going to be the full number one that he wants.”

Desailly demands a plot twist in Mbappe’s transfer saga

Desailly added that with the announcement having been delayed and kept it as a secret, there has to be a twist about where Mbappe finally moves. He believes that the PSG superstar should go somewhere else instead of Madrid. 

“He’s not announcing where he’s going and even though he wants to keep it and announce it like a star there must be something behind it, a surprise. If you think about the business of football, for £350million I would go to Saudi for a year, then come back next season – the year of the World Cup – aged 26 and a half, cash out, and play football because what does Mbappe want? He wants to play football.”

Despite the doubt about the way Saudi Arabia runs their football, Desailly thinks that it was not at all a bad move to go there. The former AC Milan player also ensured that Saudi Arabia is doing what Qatar has done decades ago in terms of building its football industry. 

“This is what I feel and what I think as a businessman and looking at the business side of things,” Desailly added. “It’s still competitive in Saudi… broadcasters are coming in to show the matches around the world.

“They are doing what Qatar did in 2004 or 2005 and I went there to promote and expose the country. It is a business on both sides and I do believe that this could be an opportunity for him to make more business and play more football after the Euros.”