Diego Costa

‘Hero’ Diego Costa Rescues 100 Flood-Affected People in Brazil

Diego Costa, the former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid forward, has become a hero by assisting in the rescue of over 100 people from the terrifying floods that have struck the southern part of Brazil. According to The Daily Mail, the 35-year-old saw several locals trapped in the devastating flood on his way back home from training. Costa sprang into action, using his jet ski to assist the locals in the rescue operation, demonstrating selflessness, humility, and courage in their time of need.

Costa’s Rescue Operation in Brazil Flood

On his way back from Gremio’s training ground to home, he inquired about the flood situation in the area from one of the Gremio supporters. Upon learning of the grave situation affecting many lives, he immediately engaged himself in rescue operations, still dressed in his training clothes. He encountered several individuals severely affected by the flood, which has already claimed the lives of at least 84 people in the region of Rio Grande do Sul.

According to Cadena SER, nearly two provinces in the southern part of Brazil have been ravaged by a moderate storm and severe flooding, leaving several hundred missing and injured. An estimated 69,000 people are without homes, with 13,000 taking shelter in government refugee camps. Moreover, more than 400,000 houses are without electricity in a state with a population of 1 million. Phone and internet connections are down in almost 115 cities due to this devastating flood in Brazil.

Due to communication obstacles, the rescue operation has been delayed, indicating an urgent need for local assistance. Costa, without hesitation, jumped into action, using his jet ski and jeep. He assisted locals in transporting them to safety and also mobilized the resources of four of his friends to aid in the relief effort.

Many photos and videos have been shared on various social media platforms recording the courageous actions of the former Atletico forward to bring over 100 individuals to safety, garnering praises from the locals and law enforcement officials. An eyewitness told the Daily Mail, ‘What he (Costa) did today, I had never seen before. He arrived here (at Gremio) a few months ago, but he took his jet ski to help others.’

The forward recently signed for Gremio, making it his fourth club in two years. After Luis Suarez left Gremio to join his friend Lionel Messi at Inter Miami, the former Champions League winner was recruited by the Brazilian club. Meanwhile, his courageous act as a rescuer has sent a clear message regarding the strength of unity and solidarity. He will be seen in action for his club against Atletico Mineiro in the Brazilian Serie A.

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