Who is Marquinhos’ Wife? Why She Doesn’t Watch Football?

Who is Marquinhos’ Wife? Why She Doesn’t Watch Football?

Carol Cabrino is the wife of Marquinhos, a well-known soccer player who currently plays for PSG. Carol has received a lot of media attention. Her career in music, TV, and social media has been successful.

She has a large social media following and is well-known for sharing intimate updates about her family and trips.

Who is Marquinhos Wife Carol Cabrino?

Marquinhos Wife
Carol Cabrino (Getty Images)

On July 29, 1993, Carol Cabrino was born in São Paulo. As of the time of writing, she is thirty years old and was born under the sign of Leo.

In a similar vein, she is of Caucasian descent yet holds Brazilian citizenship. She claims to be a Christian as well.

Carol is an educated global citizen who attended The International School of Sao Paulo for her high school education. She attended the University of Sao Paulo to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in English after high school.

Carol Cabrino comes from a supportive family background with parents who nurtured her passion for music. The Brazilian artist put a lot of effort into achieving her dream of being a well-known singer since she has always enjoyed music.

After she performed on “Jovens Talentos,” the Brazilian equivalent of X Factor, her singing career took off. The programme was broadcast by Raul Gil. Carol Cabrino shot to fame when she sang “Roar,” by Katy Perry.

In a tale straight out of a romance novel, Brazilian football star Marquinhos, known for his prowess on the field, showcased his tender side as he proposed to his beloved, Carol Cabrino, beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Captured on video, the heartfelt moment set the stage for their journey from Paris to the picturesque shores of Trancoso in the southern region of Bahia, where they exchanged vows on July 2, 2016.

Why Marquinhos Wife Doesn’t Watch Football?

According to Carol Cabrino herself, she doesn’t watch football simply because it’s not an interest of hers. Despite being married to Marquinhos, a prominent footballer for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the Brazilian national team, Cabrino has openly admitted to not knowing much about the sport.

In an interview quoted by Marca, she stated, “I don’t know PSG and I still don’t know anything about football.” This lack of interest in football extends to her limited attendance at her husband’s matches at the Parc des Princes.

Cabrino’s focus and career revolve around her pursuits in entertainment, particularly as a vlogger and singer. She later transitioned to social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where she gained popularity through her content.

Despite her disinterest in football, Cabrino’s marriage to Marquinhos has naturally brought her into the spotlight within football circles, particularly among fans of Marquinhos and PSG.

Her status as a prominent figure in entertainment and social media has only amplified this attention, with fans often taking an interest in her activities alongside her husband’s football career.

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