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“I don’t want to show a thing I am not feeling” – Mauricio Pochettino comments on not showing fake love for Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino has stated that he did not want to fake emotions for Chelsea after moving to the club. He claims that there was a need for the connection with the fans to happen automatically and not forced. 

Speaking to the media about the Chelsea fans, the Argentine manager claimed that he did not want to arrive and show fake love to get the fans behind him. He believes that it was ideal for them to take their time and said:

“I don’t know. That is a question for them. No? In Tottenham, the first season was also tough. For me, what I don’t like because of the way we are, we are not fake people. We are not going to say something when we still need to create a link, an emotional link. It’s easy for me to arrive and after the first game, kiss the badge. I respect people who can do this. But it is not in my nature. I want to create real feelings.”

He added:

“If we arrive one day and we start to feel the love between the fans and us, it is going to be real. Not fake because we are not fake people. We need the fans to be with the team and create a good energy but I cannot tell the fans that they need to love me. They are going to love me only when they think we are serious people, responsible and that we want the best for the club.”

Pochettino continued:

“Of course I care about the fans. I care about the owners, the players, the club and the people. But it is about time to build an honest relationship. I am in football because I love what I am doing because it is not my job, it is a passion and my obsession. But I don’t want to show a thing I am not feeling and I don’t want people to show me things they don’t feel. They are not in the moment in love with me or with us and I have full respect because I don’t want fake love – another song [laughs].”

The Chelsea manager was in charger of Tottenham previously and the fans have not forgotten his past. He is under pressure at Stamford Bridge and the owners are set to review his position after the final game of the season. 

Pochettino has a season left on his contract and has admitted that he will sit down for talks with the owners and sporting directors next week.

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