How much the MLS referees will be paid after returning from lockout?

How much the MLS referees will be paid after returning from lockout?

The referee crisis in MLS for the past few months has ended after the Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA) have reached an agreement regarding MLS referee salary. During the early stages of this season, MLS used replacement referees which led to dissatisfaction among the club. 

After the deal is reached, the referees and match officials will have a pay rise. According to The Athletic, those who have worked under two years will have a 68% rise from $50,000 per year to $85,000 annually.

MLS referee salary: Significant pay rise for referees following the new deal

The experienced officials with more than 200 MLS matches will be paid $142,000 per year, this is $34,000 more than they earned last season.  The biggest rise is eligible for the assistant referees. A full-time AR with 100 MLS matches will have over $37,000 a year, a quite significant rise from the previous $19,000.

“We thank the hundreds of officials in the U.S. and Canada who stood in solidarity with us showing their strength and professionalism,” PSRA President and lead negotiator Peter Manikowski said via The Athletic. “Together, we have won much-needed improvements while demonstrating the value of having the best referees in Major League Soccer on the pitch.”

On the other hand, the MLS VP of Sporting Competition Nelson Rodriguez hoped that the current deal could bring good for the competition, specifically about the refereeing aspect. 

“We’re pleased this agreement provides PRO with a strong, long-term partnership to continue to develop and train the referees to make our officiating even better.”

The new agreement will be valid for the next six years or until the end of the 2030 season. With the legit referees and officials returning to the league, this would be the end of bad publicity for the MLS who have gained broader recognition since the arrival of Lionel Messi