Messi’s Double Secures Victory for Inter Miami Against New England | Player Ratings

Messi’s Double Secures Victory for Inter Miami Against New England | Player Ratings

In a highly anticipated clash between New England Revolution and Inter Miami, Argentine superstar Lionel Messi propelled his team to a commanding 4-1 win.

Owned by David Beckham, Inter Miami showcased a stellar performance, with Messi playing a pivotal role in securing victory. Let’s have a look at the New England vs Inter Miami Player Ratings for both teams.

New England vs Inter Miami Against Player Ratings

New England Revolution Player Ratings

Henrich Ravas: 6/10 – Made some important saves but could not prevent Miami’s attacking onslaught.

Andrew Farrell: 6/10 – Put in a solid defensive shift but struggled to contain Miami’s attacking threats.

Xavier Arreaga: 6/10 – Battled well in defense but was unable to prevent Miami’s forwards from finding space.

Henry Kessler: 6/10 – Made some key interceptions but was overwhelmed by Miami’s attacking prowess.

Nick Lima: 6/10 – Provided width going forward but was often exposed defensively.

Mark-Anthony Kaye: 6/10 – Worked hard in midfield but struggled to assert control against Miami’s midfield dominance.

Matt Polster: 6/10 – Contributed defensively but was unable to create opportunities going forward.

Nacho Gil: 6/10 – Showed glimpses of creativity but failed to make a significant impact on the game.

Carles Gil: 7/10 – Scored New England’s only goal and was a bright spark in attack.

Emmanuel Boateng: 6/10 – Provided pace on the wing but was unable to penetrate Miami’s defense consistently.

Tomás Chancalay: 7/10 – Scored an early goal and caused problems for Miami’s defense with his movement and skill.


Ian Harkes: 6/10 – Added energy in midfield but was unable to change the course of the game significantly.

Ryan Spaulding: 6/10 – Provided defensive cover after coming on but was unable to prevent Miami’s attacks.

Giacomo Vrioni: 6/10 – Offered a different attacking option but struggled to make an impact.

Dylan Borrero: 6/10 – Limited time on the pitch, unable to influence the game decisively.

Inter Miami Player Ratings

Drake Callender: 7/10 – Made crucial saves when called upon and organized the defense effectively.

Marcelo Weigandt: 6/10 – Provided defensive solidity and contributed to building attacks from the back.

Tomás Avilés: 6/10 – Put in a steady performance in defense, maintaining composure under pressure.

Nicolás Freire: 7/10 – Formed a formidable partnership in central defense, winning aerial duels and interceptions.

Franco Negri: 7/10 – Controlled the midfield with his distribution and defensive work rate, breaking up opposition attacks effectively.

Julian Gressel: 6/10 – Offered width and delivery from the flanks, supporting both defense and attack.

Sergio Busquets: 8/10 – Dictated the tempo of the game with his vision and passing range, orchestrating Miami’s midfield dominance.

David Ruiz: 7/10 – Showed creativity and energy in midfield, linking up play and providing defensive cover.

Lionel Messi: 9/10 – A standout performance with two goals and an assist, showcasing his world-class ability and influence on the game.

Leonardo Campana: 6/10 – Worked tirelessly up front, providing a physical presence and contributing to build-up play.

Robert Taylor: 7/10 – Displayed pace and skill on the wing, delivering key passes and crosses into dangerous areas.


Luis Suárez: 7/10 – Made an impact off the bench, adding a goal and creating scoring opportunities with his movement.

Benjamin Cremaschi: 7/10 – Capitalized on an opportunity with a goal and provided energy in midfield.

Matías Rojas: N/A – Limited time on the pitch, unable to make a significant impact.

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