MLS rules: What are the new rules set by the MLS officials?

MLS rules: What are the new rules set by the MLS officials?

The Major League Soccer (MLS) was due to implement three new rules into match play from Saturday, April 20. They have rolled out a new set of rules to increase the game’s transparency for both players and spectators.

Last weekend, three players were fined in the MLS for failing to leave the field in a timely manner after a red card dismissal. Stefan Frei (Seattle Sounders), Diego Charla (Portland Timbers), and Griffin Dorsey (Houston Dynamo) were all fined for wasting time.

What are the new MLS rules that would prevent time wasting?

The MLS announced sets of three new MLS rules to curb wasting time in the game. MLS time-wasting rules have little to do with the actual gameplay and will impact the moments between the action.

Here’s what we could gather about all three new MLS rules 2024.

Off-field treatment:

When an injured player is down for more than 15 seconds on the pitch, the medical staff would be required to remove players off the field before continuing with the treatment. This will also prevent players from faking severe pain. Once the player has been sidelined, they must remain off the ground for at least two minutes and the match official will also hand extra minutes of playtime in the match to compensate for the time wasted on the treatment of the injured player.

Timed substitution:

This rule requires players who are subbed off to leave the ground within 10 seconds after the fourth official raises the substitution card. Failing to do so would require the incoming substitute to wait for a 60-second holding period. The team making the substitution will have to play the following one minute with one less player.

In-Stadium VAR Announcements:

This is by far the best rule introduced by the MLS. Fans would no longer have to wonder what the referees looked at and decided during a VAR review as now it will be shown on a big screen. Besides, the referees would also have to relay the information they saw in the VAR footage and explain their reasoning behind the verdict to both fans and spectators.

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