Pink Card in Football - Copa America 2024

What is a Pink Card in Football, and How Does it Impact the Copa America?

Pink Card in Football: Copa America to use the concept for the first time

The Copa America 2024 will be using the Pink card alongside the more accustomed red and yellow ones in the matches played in the tournament. It will be the first time that spectators will see the pink card in football played in the competition’s history. Ever since it has been made official, there has been a certain buzz among the followers of the sport as to how it will be used.

As described by various reputed publishing houses, the functionality of the pink card does differ from that of the red and yellow ones. While the red and yellow ones are used for denoting the degrees of a foul committed by a player during the match, the pink ones would be used on the parameters of substituting players.

The use of the pink card will allow teams to substitute a player who has caught a concussion during the game. However, the thing that stands out in the allowance of a pink card-based substitution is that a certain team will be able to replace the concussed player without exhausting any of their five available substitute-making chances.

As seen over the years in football many times teams are forced to replace a player who goes through a head injury in the game by using one of their available substitute allocations. This often hampers the way certain managers or coaches want to approach their game plan in terms of using those substitutions at certain stages. One can say that the introduction of the pink card in football might wash away that headache for the managers in Copa America 2024.

However, as it will be the first time that the concept will be used in the competition, it might take teams time to get used to it. Also, managers won’t wish to have to use it very often as nobody would want any of the players that they have fielded to get the job done in the first place to be replaced at a crucial juncture of a match.

The Copa America 2024 begins on June 20 and will last till July 14. It is termed to be the 48th edition of the prestigious tournament. The United States will be hosting it this time around. A total of 16 teams will be participating in the competition which is co-organized by the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

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