Slovakia vs Romania Player Ratings

Slovakia vs Romania Player Ratings as both teams advance to the knockouts

Slovakia and Romania shared a point and a goal when facing each other at Frankfurt Arena. The aforementioned took the lead first as Ondrej Duda fired past Florin Nita. Romania responded fast with relentless attacks until they were given a penalty.

Razvan Marin cold-bloodedly converted it from the spot sending Martin Dubravka to a coffee shop when wrongly guessing the ball’s direction. The result put Romania top of the group stage with four points, outranking Belgium with goal differences. Despite being third on the table, Slovakia is still going through.

Slovakia National Football Team Player Ratings vs Romania


Martin Dubravka
Martin Dubravka (gettyimages)

Martin Dúbravka (7.4/10): Showed a tremendous effort to keep his goal from being conceded despite failing to anticipate Romanian penalty.


Peter Pekarík
Peter Pekarík and Florinel Coman (Getty Images)

Peter Pekarík (7.2/10): Made a significant impact in Slovakia’s attacking plan with his long passes and shots.

Denis Vavro (6.4/10): Made a decent partnership with Skriniar in the defensive area with clearing and intercepting the ball.

Milan Škriniar (6.9/10): The former Interfender was a great commander in the defensive area for his teammates, keeping everyone glued to each other.

Dávid Hancko (6.2/10): Had a sloppy decision in dealing with Ianis Hagi, causing his team to concede a penalty and a goal eventually.


Ondrej Duda
Ondrej Duda – right (Getty Images)

Stanislav Lobotka (7/10): Guarding the midfield with winning every duel he has been into, four out of four in the first half.

Juraj Kucka (7.1/10): His passing skill was one of the best in Slovakia and it shows from the way he delivered passes, including one assist for Duda.

Ondrej Duda (7.2/10): His experience was something to be proud. Duda now scored in two Euro editions after doing it for the first time in 2016.


David Strelec
David Strelec (Getty Images)

Ivan Schranz (6.7/10): Put a different dimension for the Slovakian attacking force with his pacey movement.

Lukáš Haraslín (7.4/10): He was running to every possible corner in the final third but the Romanian defence was too thick to get through.

David Strelec (6.8/10): Quite active in giving threats for the Romanian defence but struggled to find the back of the net.


Tomas Suslov (6.4/10): Made a couple of maneuvers to cause troubles in the Romanian defence.

Robert Bozenik (6.7/10): Brought in to boost his team’s morale with his experience in the Euro.

David Duris (6.2/10): Marking his first Euro 2024 appearance by sending shots and passes.

Norbert Gyomber N/A

Matus Bero N/A

Manager –

Francesco Calzona: Couldn’t give an optional strategy as Slovakia were stuck in the way they play since the beginning.

Romania National Football Team Player Ratings vs Slovakia


Florian Nita
Florian Nita (Getty Images)

Florin Niță (6.9/10): Tried his best to prevent Slovakia from scoring early.


Nicusor Bancu
Nicusor Bancu – right (Getty Images)

Nicușor Bancu (7.3/10): It was a tough task to face the Slovakian attacking force. He was a bit overwhelmed as he picked a yellow in the first half.

Andrei Burcă (6.3/10): Made multiple harsh challenges towards the Slovakian player, causing him to pick a yellow in the midfield.

Radu Drăgușin (6.5/10): Proved himself to be a huge wall for Romania, especially in the first half.

Andrei Rațiu (7.4/10): Made a decent attacking harmony alongside Coman to cause troubles for Slovakia.


Iania Hagi
Iania Hagi (Getty Images)

Marius Marin (6/6.10): His movement pushed the Slovakian defender to give him an extra treatment, making him to be fouled multiple times.

Florinel Coman (7.1/10): Worked really well to provide balls for Stanciu from the left side of the pitch.

Ianis Hagi (7.3/10): Caused problems for Slovakian defenders with his agility and penetration down the flank.


Razvan Marin
Razvan Marin (Getty Images)

Nicolae Stanciu (6.5/10): Made multiple attempts to score but struggled to convert it into a goal.

Răzvan Marin (7.1/10): Clinical in front of the goal, including the one he converted from the spot.

Denis Drăgușv (6.8/10): Had one chance to fire the ball but his effort went off the target.


Deian Sorescu (5.8/10): Failed to impress as he came on to replace the in-form Coman.

Dennis Man (6.6/10): Replacing Hagi was a huge responsibility but the youngster took it well.

George Puskas (6.4/10): He was expected to bring more goals for Romania but he failed to do so.

Adrian Rus (6.5/10): Replacing the goalscorer Marin, Rus was expected to maintain the tempo level of the Romanian for the rest of the game.

Manager –

Edward Iordănescu: There was nothing special he did in this game as Romania kept struggling to break the deadlock even after he put on several subs.

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