Swedish Football Association-Sweden VAR

Why isn’t the Swedish Football Association Using VAR in Soccer?

    The reason behind the Swedish Football Association not opting to use the VAR

    The Swedish Football Association will not be using the VAR going forward. The country has decided to scrap the use of technology from its footballing structure. Top leagues around Sweden will not witness the implementation of it in their matches played and will depend on the calls made by the on-field officials during the game.

    Clubs across the country and fanbases have voiced their opinion against the VAR and that has led the football hierarchy in reaching the decision ultimately. After this decision, Sweden became the first country in the entire world to denounce VAR from the football pyramid at the club level.

    The Swedish Football Association rejecting the VAR has raised certain eyebrows in the world of football. Fans from other nations have been in awe of the decision and have lauded the country’s call to listen to the wishes of their clubs and their supporters. However, it remains to be seen whether Sweden’s step has any influence on other top European football leagues and their associations or not.

    A large chunk of top Swedish clubs raised objections and reportedly campaigned for the eradication of VAR. A technology that was introduced to make football better has unfortunately been on the receiving end from the majority of the supporters for killing the joy and emotions of the game from severe interference and harsh calls.

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