UEFA Euro 2024 Rules

Euro 2024: Key Rule Changes to Watch Out For

The upcoming Euro 2024 has already kicked off with Germany thumping Scotland by 5-1 on June 14. While there have been significant rule changes. These updates are set to impact how the tournament is played ahead and managed aiming for a smoother and fairer competition.

Expanded Squads and Substitutions

The referee announcing a substitution at an England match (Credits: Getty)

For the first time in the post-Covid era, UEFA allows teams to name 26-man squads instead of the traditional 23. This change benefits players on the fringe of selection like England’s Adam Wharton and Ezri Konsa.

Now during matches teams can make five substitutes during three stoppages with a sixth substitution allowed in knockout games that go into extra time​.

VAR and Offside Technology

A VAR Room at the 2024 EUROS (Credits: Getty)

VAR will continue to play a crucial role but with a reduced team of three video match officials instead of four aiming for quicker decisions. Additionally, big screens in stadiums will show important replays to provide clarity to fans​​.

Euro 2024 will also see the introduction of semi-automated offside technology. This system uses ten specialized cameras to track 29 body points on each player along with connected ball technology to speed up and improve offside decisions​​.

New Rules for Referees and Cards

The player crowding puts a lot of pressure on the officials (Credits: AP)

Players who crowd referees will now receive bookings. Only the team captain can discuss decisions with the referee reducing pressure on officials. If the captain is a goalkeeper a teammate can be designated to speak with the referee before the game​​.

Yellow and red card rules have also been updated. Cautions from the qualifying stage are wiped clean. During the finals, two yellow cards will lead to a suspension for the next match and all cautions are reset after the quarter-finals giving players a clean slate for the final matches​​.

Pitch-Watering and Preparation

The watering rule will allow the pitches to be perfectly watered improving player experience and match quality (Credits: Getty)

To avoid disputes UEFA has set strict guidelines for pitch-watering. Hosts must announce their watering schedules at pre-match meetings ensuring even watering across the pitch. Watering must finish 60 minutes before kick-off and can resume for five minutes at half-time allowing substitutes to warm up on the field during the interval​​.

Euro 2024 aims to improve the fairness and flow of the game with these changes. Fans can look forward to a more transparent and efficient tournament as Europe’s best teams compete for the title.

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