UEFA only wants captains to discuss with refs in the EURO 2024

UEFA only wants captains to discuss with refs in the EURO 2024

As we approach closer to the Euro 2024, UEFA has created a new rule giving only the captains authority to discuss with the referees.

A communication deal is on between referees and teams of the European Championship letting only captains to approach them during decision-making as per UEFA.

This week the UEFA committee, had the match officials for the EURO 2024 gathered in Frankfurt to discuss in detail the standards it expects to be followed between June 14 – July 14.

Yellow cards can be shown without consideration to any player who is not captain “showing any sign of disrespect or dissent” while communicating to the referee.

Why is UEFA giving Referees more authority?

While VAR reviewing big decisions has become an unpopular scene in domestic football, it provoked a few controversies in international competitions where UEFA can collect information from the best match officials. However, referees do not provide explanations for video-reviewed decisions.

“We are ready to speak and share more details with the players and coaches to help them understand how a decision was taken,” said the UEFA head of refereeing Roberto Rosetti in a statement.

The Italian official, whose refereeing career peaked while handling the Euro 2008 final added “Importantly, we want only the captain from the team who wishes to discuss a decision to be able to approach the referee,”

“It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure his teammates respect the referee, keep their distance, and do not surround him.”

Only when the captain is a goalkeeper and the incident is far away from him, can a nominated outfield player talk to the referee.

Rosetti also said UEFA aims for a 51-game tournament and is in talks with the captains “to foster a healthy atmosphere between all parties.”

“This will allow them to build significant amounts of trust with players, and show the kind of leadership required from modern officials in action.”

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