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“Want to create that legacy”: Bernardo Silva comments on winning another treble with Manchester City

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva aimed to win another treble season with his team this season. The Citizens are still on the track to defend their titles in the Champions League, FA Cup, and the Premier League. 

Last season, City became the second English side ever to clinch a treble after Manchester United by winning all the mentioned trophies.

Bernardo Silva comments on establishing a legacy with Manchester City

“Of course, inspiration and motivation,” he said via Goal. “We know how well this team has done and we want to create that legacy and to win another Premier League to do six in seven years and four in a row. 

“And we want to win the Champions League to do two in a row that only Madrid did three in a row but no one else won consecutive Champions Leagues and if we win two trebles in a row that would be a legacy. But it’s so difficult because in one week we could be out of all the competitions but we are fighting for it.”

City topped the Premier League after being the only title contender that won the latest gameweek, beating Luton Town. In the FA Cup, Silva and co will face Chelsea in the semifinal while being on the verge of securing another semifinal spot if they manage to overcome Real Madrid in the second leg.

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