What is a Triple Captain in FPL?

What is a Triple Captain in FPL?

The Fantasy Premier League is heating up as the business end of the season approaches. With many trying to emulate their friends and reach the top of FPL in points, let’s take a look at what a triple captain in FPL is and how one can use it to maximize their points in the Fantasy Premier League.

What is a Triple Captain in FPL?

As the end of the season looms large everybody who owns an FPL is focused on maximizing their points in hopes of finishing in a higher position. In the run-up to the end of the season, a great tool which can be used by all to maximize points is the triple captain feature of FPL. However, the question is what is a triple captain in FPL and when does one use it?

what does Triple Captain do in FPL?

The triple captain feature in FPL allows a user to triple their captain’s Fantasy Premier League points instead of just doubling them. For example, if  Kevin de Bruyne is your captain and he scores 14 points as his base score, he would earn 42 points overall with the triple captain chip activated. 

What is the best time to use Triple Captain in FPL?

Many FPL users consider Salah as a great option to triple captain in the upcoming double GW34 of the English Premier League

As we answered what is a triple captain in FPL, let us also take a look at the best time to use the Triple Captain option in the Fantasy Premier League. According to experts, the best time to activate the Triple Captain chip is during a double gameweek. A double gameweek is a week wherein a club plays two games in the Premier League in the same week, usually due to a preponed or a postponed match. 

The beauty of the triple captain chip in the Fantasy Premier League is that one can cancel the option even after activation as long as one is within the deadline to make changes. Post the deadline, no changes can be made. 

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