UCL Draw: Why Bayern Munich are banned at the Emirates for UEFA Champions League clash against Arsenal?

UCL Draw: Why Bayern Munich are banned at the Emirates for UEFA Champions League clash against Arsenal?

Bayern Munich will face Arsenal in the Champions League quarter final according to the latest draw. The first fixture is scheduled to be at Emirates Stadium which the Bayern’s fans are not allowed to attend according to the current regulation.

It was in a match where Bayern beat Lazio 3-0 when fans threw fireworks onto the pitch. UEFA then took an action by banning the Bavarian-based side fans to travel for one match, meaning the quarter final round which happened to be against Arsenal.

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UCL Draw: Bayern Munich are not planning to appeal

Regarding this punishment, Bayern are not planning to appeal. Instead, the club’s CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen accepted the fate of playing without the travelling fans in London as a lesson to learn.

“We have to accept this punishment,” Dreesen said via Goal. “Not only were pyrotechnics set off, but also fired deliberately onto the field, directly endangering bystanders. This was such an explicit violation of the conditions of probation that an appeal is unfortunately futile. 

“The fact we now have to play away without the support of our fans is a big blow. A small group of individual offenders have done a disservice to all our supporters and the team.”

Such a sanction was recorded as the second for Bayern fans this season who appear to have problems with disciplinary issues. Earlier in the competition, they did the exact same violation of throwing fireworks to the pitch, in a match against Copenhagen. Resulted them a fine of €40,000 plus one-match away ban as well.

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UCL Draw: Thomas Tuchel’s Bayern Munich will not take Arsenal lightly

This will be the first time for Arsenal facing Bayern without Arsene Wenger on the pitch-side. During the last three previous meetings, The Gunners suffered 3-1 losses to the Bundesliga champions. Owing to the record, Thomas Tuchel has warned his players not to take Mikel Arteta’s guys lightly.

“We certainly have the most difficult road imaginable ahead of us – now playing against one of the best teams in Europe,’ said Tuchel on the draw. “Arsenal have been playing consistently at the top for two years. It’s a homogeneous, dangerous team, they score a lot of goals. But we will be prepared for it. We know our qualities.”

The winner of this fixture will face either the most successful team in the competition Real Madrid or the defending champions Manchester City. Both teams will meet in the knockouts of the Champions League for the third consecutive season.