Best Football Chants in the Premier League

Best football chants in the Premier League

Football chants are the heartbeat of the Premier League as they bring stadiums to life. Sometimes fans’ chants can become the 12th men for their team and as we know a last push for the last-minute equalizer or a stoppage-time winner wouldn’t be possible without fans cheering and supporting to the full volume.

We have summed up the top 5 best football chants in Premier League history. Let’s delve into some of the famous chants in the PL era.

5 Best Football Chants in the Premier League

1. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – Liverpool

Liverpool FC
Liverpool Fans (Credit: Getty)

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” is the ultimate football hymn particularly for Liverpool Football Club. This legendary football song heard at Anfield and around England represents solidarity, resilience, and everlasting support.

It was originally written by Oscar Hammerstein II and composed by Richard Rodgers for the musical Carousel in 1945 but it became part of football history in the 1960s.

Liverpool FC adopted it as their own when Gerry and the Pacemakers covered the song. The emotional effect and passionate words have made it a standout among football songs in the United Kingdom and its stirring melody has spread across boundaries to other clubs such as Celtic, Borussia Dortmund, and Feyenoord.

This is more than a chant; it’s an anthem. Hearing it at Anfield will definitely give you goosebumps.

2. Manchester United: Glory, Glory Man United

Manchester United FC
Manchester United Fans celebrating outside Old Trafford (Credit: Getty)

This iconic English football song is Manchester United‘s very own war cry celebrating the club’s historic victories and rallying fans with unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm.

Composed by Frank Renshaw and first released by the squad before an FA Cup Final in 1983 it captures the tenacious spirit that defines the Red Devils’ fanbase. Plus it’s catchy enough to get stuck in your head for days – a true earworm.

From the stands to the pitch – “Glory, Glory, Man United” embodies the pride and determination of every Man Utd supporter.

Picture this: you’re at Old Trafford, the crowd is roaring and someone behind you is singing off-key but with such passion you can’t help but smile. It’s the anthem that makes everyone feel like they’re part of the team – even if their football skills are limited to shouting at the TV.

No doubt Old Trafford comes alive when this chant echoes through the stadium.

3. “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” – West Ham United

West Ham United
West Ham United Fans (Credit:Getty)

This famous English football song rings out through the London Stadium showing the strong passion of West Ham’s loyal fans.

The song started in the 1920s and was created by Cornelius Beal – the Headmaster of Park School and a friend of West Ham’s manager Charlie Paynter.

Beal made the song special to celebrate the top players in his school and later West Ham. When fans sing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” with enthusiasm it’s more than just a chant—it represents the club’s rich history and the never-give-up spirit of its supporters.

The song also reflects upon the club’s ups and downs.

4. Chelsea: Blue Is the Colour

Chelsea FC
Chelsea fans holding the ‘Pride of London’ banner (Credits: Getty)

“Blue Is the Colour” has a catchy tune and uplifting words that show the pride and passion of every Chelsea fan.

The Chelsea team first performed this song and released it as a record before the 1972 League Cup final. It quickly became popular in the UK and is now a big part of Chelsea’s history.

Today the song plays before every Chelsea home game and cup final. Thus, keeping the spirit of legends like Ron Harris, Alan Hudson, and Peter Osgood alive. “Blue Is the Colour” is more than just a chant—it’s a powerful force that brings all Chelsea fans together.

5. Manchester City: Blue Moon

Manchester City FC
Left: Manchester City Players Erling Haaland, Manuel Akanji, Rúben Dias and John Stones celebrating a goal. Right: Manchester City fans singing Blue Moon (Credits: Getty)

“Blue Moon” was originally a hit song by The Marcels but City fans made it their own. The song’s melody brings Manchester City fans together at the Etihad Stadium creating an electric atmosphere.

It all started during the 1989/90 season when City had a rare away win against Aston Villa. This win marked a big moment in their fight against relegation and a City fan knows that from then on “Blue Moon” was sung at Maine Road and every away game.

Thus, celebrating City’s triumphs that used to happen once in a blue moon during that time.

Funniest Songs in the Premier League

Fans might come to stadiums to cheer their team at full volume but there are moments which need some creative chants from the fans not to discourage anyone but to make it memorable with their humorous chants.

A chant about Peter Crouch, saying, “He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed” has been found to be one of the funniest and is the Premier League’s most-loved.

Funniest Chants in Premier League History

Person InvolvedChants
Peter Crouch“He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed”
General Chant“You’re not singing anymore”
Bobby Zamora“That’s Zamora”
General Chant“Who Ate all the pies?”
General Chant“Sacked in the morning, you’re getting sacked in the morning”
Luis Suárez“Your teeth are offside”
General Chant“Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, we’re going to Wembley”
General Chant“You only sing when you’re winning”
Rio Ferdinand“His name is Rio and he watches from the stands”
Robbie Keane“He’s fast, he’s red, he talks like Father Ted”
Rio Ferdinand“His name is Rio and he dances on the grass, don’t take the ball off him he’ll kick you in the ass”
General Chant“We are top of the league”
Alan Shearer“You should have stayed on the telly, stayed on the telly”
Ian Wright“Ian Wright Wright Wright”