Dominik Szoboszlai Hungary

Dominik Szoboszlai’s Heroic Role in Helping Injured Teammate Barnabas Varga

Quick Thinking on the Field by Dominik Szoboszlai

During the match between Hungary and Scotland in Euro 2024, Dominik Szoboszlai emerged as a hero not just for his skills, but for his quick thinking in aiding his injured teammate Barnabas Varga.

The incident occurred midway through the second half when Varga was accidentally struck in the face by Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn’s arm while contesting a free-kick.

As Varga lay motionless on the field the urgency of the situation became apparent. Hungary’s players frantically called for medical assistance.

But, the medics were slow to react prompting Szoboszlai (Hungary’s captain) to take matters into his own hands. He rushed to the stretcher and pulled it towards Varga urging the medics to speed up their efforts.

Szoboszlai’s emotional response including being seen in tears as medical screens were raised around Varga highlighted the tense and worrying moments for the team and fans alike.

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A Terrifying Moment – The injury to Barnabas Varga

Hungary’s manager Marco Rossi confirmed after the match that Varga had suffered facial fractures and a concussion.

“Barney looked unconscious,” Rossi shared explaining the players’ deep concern and frustration over the delayed medical response. “Everybody was really worried about his condition,” he added, emphasizing that the situation seemed more dangerous than initially recognized.

Thankfully Varga was taken to a nearby hospital where it was confirmed that he was out of immediate danger although surgery would be needed for his facial fracture.

Rossi stated, “We can say now that Barney is not under any kind of risks. Probably he will be operated on in the coming hours because he suffered a fracture here [pointing to his cheek], but he’s healthy.”

Dominik Szoboszlai Hungary
Dominik Szoboszlai Hungary

A Win Dedicated to Varga

The match itself was a nail-biter with Hungary eventually securing a 100th-minute winner thanks to Ronald Sallai’s assist to Kevin Csoboth.

The victory was bittersweet overshadowed by the serious injury to Varga. Sallai was named Man of the Match and he dedicated the win to Varga, saying,

“It was a terrible moment to see him like that. He’ll have to go through a minor operation, but we cross our fingers for him that he can return. Naturally, it was a terrible incident. Of course, we were fighting for him in the remaining minutes and this win is dedicated to him.”

Szoboszlai’s leadership and quick action in a moment of crisis not only showcased his on-field talents but also his deep commitment to his teammates. If Hungary advances Varga’s absence will be felt but his teammates will undoubtedly carry his fighting spirit with them.