Lionel Messi and Family In Miami

Lionel Messi and Family Embrace Miami Lifestyle in Heartwarming Poolside Photos

Lionel Messi has already made his home in Miami and is settling down quite well with his family.

Lionel Messi With His Family in Miami

The 36-year-old soccer player posted two adorable family portraits. The Pics included his wife and their three children relaxing by the poolside on Instagram last summer. Messi’s two sons Mateo (8) and Thiago (11) sat next to him while he cradled his 3rd son Ciro.

Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo sat across from her son on the other side of Thiago and clasped his hand.

Lionel Messi Family
Lionel Messi Family (Instagram)

Messi and Antonella are seen posing next to one another in another picture against a stunning backdrop of the ocean.

Accompanying the heartwarming snapshots is Messi’s caption – “Siempre así. ❤️#familia,”. Thus, conveying the enduring bond and love shared within the family.

The move to Miami marks a significant transition for the Messi family as the soccer maestro is already scoring goals for fun with Miami.

His arrival in the U.S.-based league stands as a monumental moment in MLS history. Thus, elevating the profile and excitement surrounding the sport in the country.

This relocation follows Messi’s triumphant victory in the World Cup adding another chapter to his illustrious career. The joyous occasion was celebrated with fervour by the Messi family, with Antonella sharing glimpses of their festive Christmas festivities and heartfelt moments on social media.

From the jubilant embrace on the field with his sons to Thiago’s touching gesture of support with handwritten lyrics, the Messi family’s unwavering support and love for each other shine through in every aspect of their journey.

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