Lionel Messi learning a lot about NFL after his move to Inter Miami

Lionel Messi learning a lot about NFL after his move to Inter Miami

Few players have done as much for football as Lionel Messi has with the Argentine defining the last decade and a half of the sport alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. The 36-year-old has thrived, winning countless trophies, eight Ballon d’Ors and several other individual crowns during that spell. While most of that has come during his time at Barcelona, Messi’s time at PSG also added accolades to his cabinet.

However, his shocking move to Inter Miami in the MLS has turned more heads than his accolades although the Argentine has continued to play some of his best football there as well. That is the only thing not shocking about the move but it seems that Messi has taken well to living in America. The 36-year-old even revealed, in a recent interview, that he’s enjoying soaking in the culture and community.

Lionel Messi reveals that he is learning a lot about American football

The Argentine even admitted that he was getting into the NFL and has enjoyed learning as well as getting to know the classic American sport better. That’s not all, as Messi added that alongside the NFL, he’s also discovered basketball, padel, and tennis during the off-season and his days off. It has come as no shock though as the Barcelona legend has often been spotted on social media playing basketball and shooting free throws.

“Tennis, padel, basketball, and American football. I’m learning a lot about American football, getting to know it better, and loving it,” Messi told Big Time Podcast.

Lionel Messi opens up about when he might retire

However, now that he is 36 years old, rumours that the Argentine could retire soon have been coming up but Messi admitted that right now, he’s not looking at that. But, the 36-year-old did confess that the moment he believes he can’t perform any longer, he’ll take that step.

“I know that the moment I feel that I am no longer able to perform, that I no longer enjoy [playing] or [can] help my teammates, I will quit. I’m very self-critical of myself, I know when I’m good, when I’m bad, when I’m playing well and when I’m playing badly.

“When I feel it’s time to take that step, I’ll take it without thinking about age. If I feel good, I’ll always try to keep competing because it’s what I like and I know how to do,” he added.

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