Lionel Messi and Tito Vilanova

Lionel Messi pays tribute to his ex-manager Tito Vilanova

Lionel Messi paid tribute to his former manager in Barcelona Tito Vilanova, 10 years after the gaffer’s passing. Posting on his Instagram Story, the 2022 World Cup winner shared his picture alongside Vilanova in training, assuring that he would always remember his former tactician. 

“10 years already, we won’t forget you Tito,” Messi wrote in Spanish. Vilanova stepped down from his position as Barcelona manager in 2013 to cure his cancer. A year later, he died after battling the disease for three years. 

Lionel Messi pays tribute to Tito

Vilanova and Messi won the 2012/13 La Liga together, their only trophy together. In that season, the Argentinian winger scored 58 goals across the competition. Another record they made together was Barcelona setting a league-record of 100 points. 

Despite having a short time as manager, Vilanova has a huge impact on Messi’s career. According to Marca, Vilanova convinced the player to stay with Barcelona after having doubts about his future in the Catalan-based club.  

Messi ended up leaving Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in 2021. He went on to win the final quest of his career, the 2022 World Cup. The father of three is now playing with MLS side Inter Miami with his contract valid till 2025.