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Manchester United legend believes Erik ten Hag will get sacked after FA Cup final

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has claimed that manager Erik ten Hag will get sacked after the FA Cup final against Manchester City at Wembley on May 25.

Ten Hag has come under immense pressure this season for the club’s poor performances. They finished their Premier League campaign in eighth place, which is the worst in the club’s history. They also finished at the bottom of their UEFA Champions League group and were eliminated early from the EFL Cup.

There has been speculation about Ten Hag’s future at Manchester United, especially since INEOS have bought a minority stake in the club. Rio Ferdinand believes the Dutchman will get sacked, as he said on his Vibe with Five podcast:

“The more and more I think about it, win or lose, I don’t think Ten Hag will be there come next season. I’m not saying that’s what I want, I’m just saying what I believe is going to happen, and I believe that the club are going to look elsewhere I think.

“I don’t think [winning the FA Cup] changes anything in the eyes of INEOS. I’ve not spoken to anyone there, this is just an assumption, this is what I think.”

Rio Ferdinand slams Manchester United’s performances under Erik ten Hag

Ferdinand then spoke at length about Manchester United’s performances this season. He claimed that there is no recognizable style of play and the team is dependent on a few individuals, like Bruno Fernandes. He said:

“Put injuries aside, the performances of the team have been so bad. Most teams have had injuries, maybe not to the same extent as Man United. I keep saying this, I sound like a broken record: performance level can drop but your style of football should be there to identify. It’s not. I don’t know what we are. I don’t know who we are. Who are we as a team? What are we?

“We rely [on Bruno Fernandes]. And that would be an alarm bell for me. The moment Bruno came out of the team, the fall-off of that team was a joke. The worst performances I’ve seen in many, many years against Crystal Palace.”

Ferdinand then shared his thoughts on what Manchester United and INEOS should do next, saying:

“If I was Man United now, and I was INEOS, or I was advising them now, I would go and get a coach. I want the best coach around.

“Someone who speaks the language, yes. Someone who can communicate with the players. But someone who can implement a playing style and really coach the hell out of young players, experienced players.

“Gel players together, create a cohesive unit that we can all look at. Create a team now, a good team.”

Erik ten Hag was appointed Manchester United manager in the summer of 2022 and he helped them win the Carabao Cup last season. They could still win a cup this season as they face Manchester City in the FA Cup final. If they win, they would also qualify for the UEFA Europa League for next season.

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