Mason Mount

Manchester United end Mason Mount’s Wembley curse with FA Cup final win

The dark cloud that shadowed over Mason Mount for years has officially gone. Manchester United’s number seven finally won his gold medal at Wembley after years of stumbling on silvers. Mount came on at the edge of the game, replacing Scott McTominay.  

Mount could not hold back his euphoria of winning the first gold at Wembley. On his latest Instagram post, he wrote: “Ending a frustrating 2023/24 with a trophy. Your support pushed us all the way today as it has all season. Thank you United.” 

The curse has officially been lifted

Prior to the game, Mount was known to have a “Wembley Curse”, losing six consecutive final games at Wembley with four of them being in the Chelsea outfit. Two other losses were when he lost the Championship play-off with Derby Country back in 2019 and with England in the final of Euro 2020. 

Mount had a record of losing three consecutive FA Cup finals against three different clubs. It all started in 2020 when Chelsea lost 2-1 to Arsenal in the final. The Blues had another chance to redeem their failure nine months later but again, Mount’s side lost and this time to Leicester City. 

The very latest appearance of Mount at Wembley was in another FA Cup final. The Portsmouth-born failed to find the back of the net in the penalty shootout, giving Kostas Tsimikas a chance to seal the deal which he did.


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