Olarenwaju Kayode - Nigerian Footballer DNA report

What’s the Nigerian Footballer Olarenwaju Kayode and his Wife’s DNA Report Saga?

Olarenwaju Kayode and his wife Ezinne Kayode throw jibes at each other amidst a controversial DNA report

The Nigerian football player Olarenwaju Kayode has been the center of attraction in social media lately. This is after the reports of him being involved in a controversial legal row with his wife Ezinne Kayode surfaced recently. The much-talked-about saga between them reportedly involves their three kids Jamin, Jayden, and Jason.

As per the reports, a DNA test concerning there three sons came out negative marking that they were not Olarenwaju Kayode’s biologically. It resulted in the footballer’s wife Ezinne suing her husband over such claims that recently found themselves doing rounds online and in the media. Reports had it that it was Olarenwaju who had the DNA of their three kids tested in the first place.

Also according to ‘MDN NEWS’, he has now removed all the pictures with his family from his social media handle of Instagram. As reported by ‘Times Now’, after the allegations by the Nigerian player started getting eyeballs in the media, his wife Ezinne routed the path of legal action and she has also laid down the concerning allegations as ‘baseless and defamatory’.

Reports further signify that the legal team of Ezinne Kayode has sent a letter to Olarenwaju Kayode insisting he stop giving air to such rumors as according to them the claims are quite harmful to Ezinne’s overall reputation. The letter also talked about how such allegations could reflect on their young children.

The mere allegations that have been marked by Olarenwaju Kayode on his wife include subjects such as fraud. Ezinne has also been held responsible by him for stealing from his concerned property. As helmed by the Nigerian player, his wife has done it to support a Pastor (whom she knows on personal level) in his grand patterns of lifestyle.

Convincingly reports asserted that Ezinne Kayode took to one of her social media handles to laid down such claims by her husband as completely false. At last, it is being termed that, the mother of those three children has also ‘challenged’ the Nigerian footballer to give the concerned evidence for the DNA test on the basis of which he has been accusing her. It remains to be seen how things pan out from here on in this twisty saga.

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