Champions League Final Predictions

Champions League Final Predictions: Who Will Conquer Europe?

With the UEFA Champions League in its final stages, let’s take a look at the Champions League Final predictions with four sides in it to win it. 

Champions League Final Predictions:

Europe’s most prestigious tournament, the UEFA Champions League, has reached its final stages for the 2023-24 campaign. Four teams namely, BVB Dortmund, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will face each other in a battle to the death to conquer Europe and the UCL. However, obstacles lie ahead for all sides and only one will manage to etch their name into history. So, let’s take a look at the Champions League final predictions based on data analysis. 

1.) Real Madrid:

As usual Los Blancos find themselves in the final stages of the UCL and in contention to conquer Europe yet again. Paired against Bayern Munich in the UCL semi finals, Real Madrid managed to salvage a 2-2 draw away from home in the first leg and will now be ready to unleash hell on Bayern at home. 

Champions League Final Predictions
Fede Valverde of Real Madrid (Getty Images)

According to Opta, Los Blancos are given a 61% chance of making it into the final. If Real do make it to the final, there’s nearly no way to defeat them in the final and the Champions League final predictions see them win the UCL trophy with a probability of 36.2%. Their potential rivals in the final would be PSG or BVB Dortmund, two clubs who lack the experience of the 14 time European champions on the biggest stage. All eyes will now be on Real Madrid’s second leg tie against Bayern Munich at home. As they say, Real Madrid in Europe are inevitable. 

2.) Paris Saint-Germain:

Interestingly, PSG have been given the second highest chance of winning the UCL with a probability of 29.9% in the Champions League final predictions. While the Parisians have never managed to win the UCL till now, this year presents them with a strong possibility of making it all the as they face a struggling BVB Dortmund in the semi finals. According to Opta, PSG have a 63% chance of beating Dortmund and making it to the final. 

Champions League Final Predictions
Kylian Mbappe (Getty Images)

However, it will certainly be a mammoth task as PSG currently trail 1-0 to Dortmund after the first leg of the semi final at Signal Iduna Park. If PSG are to become European champions, they will be compelled to first overturn the deficit in the semi final and then beat the mighty Real Madrid or European giants Bayern Munich. 

It will certainly not be an easy task, but with Kylian Mbappe in the side anything could be possible. Despite all odds, in the Champions league final predictions, PSG has the second highest chances of conquering Europe.

3.) Bayern Munich:

Bayern usually would find themselves in pole position to win the Champions league when they make it to the final stages of the tournament. However, Bayern Munich have had an extremely tough season as the Bavarians failed to retain their league title for the first time in over a decade. Their performances in the Champions League however have been impressive and they now find themselves in the final four of the tournament. Yet, their poor luck refuses to desert them and has seen them faced with 14 time European Champions Real Madrid in the semifinal.  

Champions League Final Predictions
Harry Kane’s Bayern Munich have the third best chances in the Champions League final predictions (Getty Images)

While Bayern are still given a 39% chance of making it to the final, even their chances of winning the final are rated at 19% in the Champions League final predictions. Their flaws have been on display for all to see and the Tuchel led side might struggle to cover them in time.

4.) Borussia Dortmund:

The underdogs as usual are BVB Dortmund. In club legend Marco Reus’ last season BVB have been poor in the league and seem bound for their worst finish in a long while. However, their sensational run in the UCL finds them a step away from the UEFA Champions League Final. Their path will however see them face PSG before setting up a tie with either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in the final.

Champions League Final Predictions
Marco Reus is in his last season at Dortmund (Getty Images)

While Dortmund impressed in the first leg of the semi-final against PSG and won 1-0, it’ll still be difficult for them to win the tie. Opta rates Dortmund’s chances of making the final at 37%, while winning the trophy at a meager 14%. The Champions League final predictions see Dortmund rank last amongst the final four to win it. However, fueled by the ambition of winning the UCL for legend Marco Reus as he bids adieu, Dortmund might manage to pull off an impressive underdog story. 

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